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Duquesne – FIT FOR A KING!!

DUQUESNE – FIT FOR A KING!  We have all come to realize that our beloved hometown, Duquesne, has fallen into a serious state of disorder and ruin. The Duquesne that existed when we were being raised in the city is … Continue reading

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Today’s Issues Yesterday

As I was paging through the pages of an issue of The Duquesne Times yesterday, an article caught my attention. It seems that the subject of illegal aliens is one of the hottest issues in the US today. Virtually every American … Continue reading

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Duquesne Dateline – May, 1956

What a thrill! Yesterday I received an email from Bob Vislay that brought to mind an event in Duquesne’s history that I had nearly forgotten about. Along with his recollections from the event, Bob also sent pictures from his personal … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mr. President

Let’s face it, when a person reaches a certain age, one’s paradigm shifts from what “is” to what “was.” There is such comfort to be able to reminisce about those times when life was simpler, friends were numerous, and we … Continue reading

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“There Is No Tavern In the Town, In the Town”

There were two aspects of life in Duquesne that were commonplace for virtually every hunky living in the area, as evidenced by the sheer number of locations. The first was the spiritual side of their lives. As early as 1902, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 1950 – It Snowed and Snowed and Snowed

The following article appeared in The Duquesne Times on November 30, 1950. There was no Times published on November 23, 1950 due to the snowfall. Unfortunately, there were no photos in the Times published on November 30th, so a photojournalistic … Continue reading

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Duquesne’s Rebirth? PART TWO

This is a continuation of my earlier post. Space restrictions on this WordPress blog allows only a specific amount of space to be used for each post. Sorry for the inconvenience, but read on……. In closing, I wanted to post … Continue reading

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