Home Again – Let the Good Times Roll!

Well, I have made it home! I had a wonderful trip to Duquesne and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Between visits with my family, meeting new friends, reconnecting with old friends, photographing old haunts as well as new views AND finally, meeting with Jim Hartman at the Mifflin Township Historical Society, my 5 days were quite jammed!

My trip was not without its dramas. It seems nothing that I do ever is! I had spent the entire day on Friday at the Mifflin Township Historical Society gathering data and photos that I thought that you might enjoy. I had come totally equipped for the task by bringing an external hard drive storage apparatus for my computer. By the end of the day, and with Jim Hartman’s help, I had managed to obtain an incredible amount of information. I was so excited as I began to sift through all of the information later that evening.

After only 30 minutes or so, I heard a thud and realized that I had knocked my external hard drive off of the table it was resting on. Fortunately, when I picked it up and check to see if it was still working, I was relieved that no damage had occurred. All went well after that for about five minutes. At that time, I heard that familiar thud once again. Yes, not content for only being a klutz the first time, I managed to knock the external hard drive that contained all of the information from the Historical Society, off of the same darn table yet one more time! Expecting the same results as the first time it occurred, I merely placed it back on the table and went back to my computer, fully expecting nothing to be damaged. WRONG! This time I wasn’t as fortunate. It appeared that I had managed to damage the unit AND was not longer able to retrieve ANY of the files off of the drive!

In an effort to correct the problem, I began to plug and unplug the unit from my computer… no luck, still dead. I then tried to restart the unit itself… no luck, still dead! I began to restart my computer several times….again, no luck! Panic had set in by that time and I decided to take of course of repair that desperate men and hunkies have used for years…. I began to furiously shake the unit! I guess I thought that this would somehow awake the sleeping drive…… no luck. Since that approach didn’t work, I decided that a mere shaking was too subtle. It was time for the big guns! I ever so gently began to nudge the unit toward the edge of the table until it teetered on the end and plummeted to the floor, landing with yet another thud. You see, in my mind, I felt the gods would be with me and would somehow reverse the problem and self-correct the problem. In my panicked state-of-mind, this last attempt made total sense. But alas, it didn’t solve the problem. I was defeated. Fortunately, Jim Hartman came to my rescue and recopied the files to a new device for me and I was good to go by Monday afternoon. THANK YOU JIM!

This whole incident reminded me of the many “gifts” that are innate to hunkys versus the rest of the world. Allow me to elaborate:

    • Hunkys can make soup out of anything! Also, they have never met a soup they didn’t like. I remember my grandmother always had a pot of soup on the stove. Brimming with vegetables and wonderful flavor. My dad was able to make the most interesting soups. Once on a family vacation, he managed to create a hamburger and hot dog soup! We were vacationing with our own family of 4, but also with my grandfather, 3 aunts, 1 uncle and 5 cousins. In retrospect, his ability to create and then stretch the concoction to feed everyone was like the miracle of the loaves and fishes.
    • Hunky moms firmly believe in the theory of “don’t go empty-handed.” Early in life, my mom told me never to climb the steps to the second floor of our house without taking something up with me. It could be a load of laundry she had just finished, some toy I had brought down from my room or anything that might be waiting for a “lift” at the bottom of the steps. This early discipline was drilled into my head at a very early age.
    • I firmly believe that the “never go empty-handed” philosophy was the root of yet another hunky “gift” that I continue to exhibit to this day. I loving call this the “Hunky Handful.” As I continued to carry items up the steps of our home throughout my childhood, I honed my skills at carrying more and more items on each trip. My father was the same way. To this day, I would rather try to carry everything in one trip rather than make several trips up and down the steps. What can I say…. “It’s a gift!”

Speaking of a gift…… as I continue to sort through all of the treasures I acquired from the Mifflin Township Historical Society, I thought it appropriate to whet your appetite with a few tasty tidbits of Duquesne memorabilia. They are unrelated, but still great to see and read…

This picture is for Barry Long. Barry, I wasn’t able top find a picture of the fountain when it was in City Park, but I think this is the monument when it first stood at the top of Library Place circa 1915.

A moment in time captured in 1960. This view was taken from N. 1st St. facing toward S. 1st St. I don’t recall Sally Fashions in this location, but I remember Isaly’s. Johnston the Florist (not shown) was to the left of Isaly’s on the corner of S. 1st and Grant.

Here are a few snips from The Duquesne Times. As I continue with future posts, I will always try to include a few to provoke a few memories…….

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4 Responses to Home Again – Let the Good Times Roll!

  1. Laurine E. says:

    What I found most fascinating about the picture of the memorial was the number of people standing around it. Unless it was the dedication or some national holiday, I don’t remember so many people standing around at one time (unless it was when the mill let out). I remember people walking up and down First Street, Grant Avenue, etc. when I was little but never that many people so close together. Anyone else agree???

    Also, thanks again for all your hard work. (And yes, you are not the only klutz who has tried shaking, pounding on the top of or dropping a drive again to try to get it to work!!!)

  2. Debra Faust-Clancy says:

    Once again Jim, the Duquesne Hunky Blog is magic and a miracle. I’m sending this to my brother who I know will enjoy this stuff. He’s a bit older than me and graduated from Homestead HS but spent a lot of time in Duquesne after 1952 when my parents moved there from Homestead. (J. J. Pucci is, I believe, the father of a fellow DHS 1969 grad and majorette – Carmella Pucci. He eventually became Mayor if memory serves. He was instrumental in getting me my first job at Kennywood when I was sixteen. Class of l969 is having a Birthday Bash June 10-12, 2010 (we’re all turning 60 this year) at various locations in the area. See Happy Birthday DHS Class of l969 on Facebook for more info about the weekend. Non graduates of DHS welcome if they bring old photos of Duquesne. Hope to finally meet you that weekend at one of the venues. Thanks again for all of your writing and keep up the good work.

  3. Elaine Micklo says:

    These photos of Duquesne are awesome. And the article is pretty nice. I am so glad that you brought some of these treasures back with you. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  4. Claudia Repko Misage says:

    Wow love the picture of the food market and yes that is exactly were I remember Sally Fashions being. I attended school with a Judy Kushnir and I could remember so well being in Holy Trinity Church for I believe Holy Week and someone coming to tell Judy that her father died while working in the steel mill and running out of Church with her down to Sally Fashions where her mom worked. That was the one and only time I was in the back rooms of the store. Also the newpaper article Vesonder loses to Pucci. That was my Uncle George and he lived on Maryland Avenue. His wife my Aunt Ann just passed away about a year ago. My Uncle John worked at the police station and I also had a cousin Mike Rapach who was a police man in Duquesne also George Tarczy and Al Kozak who were fireman there.Our roots go way back to Mill Street before the mills were there to a beer garden my grandfather owned on Patterson Avenue. There were fourteen kids he had while living on Patterson and my mom was number twelve. Just cannot tell you enough how much I enjoy reading all of your posting and I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into doing all of your stories and thoughts and memories. I too am filled with so many stories and so many wonderful memories. Thanks for giving me a chance to talk about some of them.
    You are the greatest for starting this!!!!!!!!!!

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