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Capturing Memories

I just confirmed some travel arrangements for a trip back to the West Mifflin-Duquesne area. I will be spending 5 days in the area next week. April 7th through April 11th. During that time, I will be visiting some familiar … Continue reading

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Homage to Duquesne High School Sports!

In 2007, a dramatic decision was made regarding Duquesne High School. After much debate and consideration it was decided that Duquesne’s Schools would no longer include high school level grades. The following article appeared in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette – … Continue reading

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Emptying the Ketchup Bottle

My wife Judy makes the best chili I have ever tasted, bar none. My daughters, Megan and Abby, have asked her for the recipe several times. Unfortunately, she has never been able to be very specific with the instructions or … Continue reading

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Springtime in Duquesne

My very first actual paying job was with Kopriver’s Florist, just across Texas Ave (aka Kennedy Ave) from my Thomas Street home. I define Kopriver’s as my first “paying job” due to the fact that I actually received money and, … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Rite of Spring

If there was ever a saying that my mother DID NOT pay attention to, it was “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” She, along with the thousands of women in Duquesne, welcomed spring in a very remarkable way…. Spring … Continue reading

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Duquesne’s Rip Roaring 30’s

When I think of Duquesne, I think of neat homes in a row, the steel mills, having fun at Kennywood Park, Little League Baseball games and all things idyllic. The last thing that I would ever think of is Duquesne … Continue reading

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A Good Catholic Boy’s Easter Prelude

If you were a part of a Catholic family in Duquesne, this week was a very busy week, and if you attended one of the Catholic schools, it was ever busier. This was the week that the Season of Lent … Continue reading

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Voices from Duquesne – Part 3

Once again, I am thrilled to be hearing from so many current and former Duquesne area residents. As always, I invite you to click on the first link under BLOG ROLL (in the right hand column of this page) titled … Continue reading

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A Duquesne Monday

This morning as I got ready to go to the office, I decided to dress casually. It was the weekend and I didn’t enjoy having to work on a Saturday, but it was one of those necessary evils. I went … Continue reading

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Extra! Extra! Duquesne Headlines!

Thanks to Jim Hartman from the Mifflin Historical Society, I have found a wonderful resource to research all types of history about Duquesne. In order to be able to allow you to read the various stories, I will provide a … Continue reading

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