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Halloween – The LAZY Way!

Due to the fact that I am still cleaning up after the recent visit from Hurricane Sandy, I am taking the lazy Hunky way out of posting a Halloween article by reposting a couple from recent years. My house didn’t … Continue reading

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Duquesne – From Sea To Stormy Sea!

I received an email from one of our favorite Duquesne buddies, Barry Long around 1 a.m. this morning. That was about 7 p.m. Saturday evening in Honolulu, where Barry lives at this time of year. Unbeknownst to Barry at the time … Continue reading

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Testing Your Holy Name Memory

OK my fellow Holy Namers and Duquesners, time to dust off some grade school memories! I received the following question from one of our blog’s readers and need your help. I vaguely remember her grandfather’s name, but the part about … Continue reading

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Well, at long last I have tackled technology head on and have ome out the victor!! About three years ago, I recieved a Christmas gift from my wife that I was SO excited about. I received a turntable that would … Continue reading

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All In The Name Of Progress???

I received a wonder email from Michael Ferchak that shared many of his recollections about his youth in Duquesne. Mike grew up on Chestnut Street, off of Center Street. I attempted to find an image of Mike’s home, but not knowing … Continue reading

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Kennywood From A Parent’s Perspective

Get ready for a treat! There is a series of Youtube videos that are absolutely delightful and hysterical titled “The Pittsburgh Dad.” The videos are like mini-Situation Comedies about living in the area. The video below is the latest and … Continue reading

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Bernadette Lucas – In God’s Arms

A former classmate of mine from Holy Name has passed away. The feeling I had when I read the news was one of great sadness. I have not had contact with Bernadette since we finished 8th grade in 1965, however … Continue reading

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Duquesne Dateline – May, 1956

What a thrill! Yesterday I received an email from Bob Vislay that brought to mind an event in Duquesne’s history that I had nearly forgotten about. Along with his recollections from the event, Bob also sent pictures from his personal … Continue reading

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