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Oh Where, Oh Where Can You Be?

The number of friends, neighbors and family that have reconnected through this blog is really exciting. I find it very gratifying to know that I may have given someone the opportunity to reach out to others in their life. With … Continue reading

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Special Memories

We live in a very disposable world. Disposable cameras, disposable phones, disposable razors and even disposable income! When I was a kid, things were quite different. Whether it was due to limited funds, or a holdover from the depression era, … Continue reading

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The Road to Great Valley and Beyond

After my last post about Eastland Mall, I began remembering so many other things about my family’s travels outside of Duquesne. By the mid-60’s, Duquesne was no longer a self-sustaining area. Because of the “demise” of a large portion of … Continue reading

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Remembering Eastland

Did you know that there is an obituary of sorts for shopping malls? Seriously! The site is simply called! Who would have thought it would come to that? The only reason I know this is that I happened to … Continue reading

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Voices From Duquesne – September 15, 2011

I have to say, the past three weeks have been rather strange in my area of the country! Since the end of August, we’ve had an earthquake, a hurricane, floods and today, a tornado that hit Ocean City! Since it isn’t … Continue reading

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Where Are You My Friend???

I wanted to remind everyone that I’ll be posting the latest messages I have received from current and former Duquesne friends and neighbors. I post these on the 1st and 15th of each month in the posts titled VOICES FROM … Continue reading

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Duquesne’s Autumn!

There is something about the arrival of September that triggers an immediate Autumn mindset for me. It doesn’t matter if the temperatures aren’t cooperating and are still hovering in the 80’s. In my mind, Fall is here. Living on the … Continue reading

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Duquesne’s Rebirth? PART TWO

This is a continuation of my earlier post. Space restrictions on this WordPress blog allows only a specific amount of space to be used for each post. Sorry for the inconvenience, but read on……. In closing, I wanted to post … Continue reading

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Duquesne’s Rebirth? PART ONE

Well, people have been casting their vote for “The Most Iconic Symbol of Duquesne.” As you can see from the results below, the Steel Mills have a resounding lead over the other choices. I find it interesting that the top two … Continue reading

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