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Gifts from my Childhood

The last thing that I wanted to do when writing this blog was to become philosophical. Unfortunately, some events just bring out an innate need to overanalyze some of my behaviors, thoughts and points-of-view. Let me give you an example: … Continue reading

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The Faces of Angels

The number of people that responded to my previous post today is astonishing. I never realized how much fun it is to try to remember our childhood friend’s name and face! Frank Mullen wrote and suggested that a picture that … Continue reading

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The Holy Name Gang

I couldn’t wait to share the photograph below with all of you. Thanks to Colleen Byrne Travis, I was immediately transported to the steps of Holy Name School during the 1950’s. The photo was actually taken in 1955, and based … Continue reading

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Dusk in Duquesne

Judy and I traveled up to visit our kids in eastern PA last week. As we were traveling north on DE-1 through Delaware and crossed the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Bridge, I was hit with a rush of nostalgia as … Continue reading

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“Hey, I Resemble That Remark!”

I just received a piece of “occupant” mail that tried to entice me to sign-up for a satellite TV service that would provide me with more channels than I could ever use! Although very tempting, the flyer became recycle bin … Continue reading

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Introducing Hunky Bill

Occasionally, I might make a departure from our hometown and write about a random, but somehow related subject.  In this post, I’m talking a HUGE sidetrip to Richmond, located in British Columbia, Canada. Richmond is approximately 2700 miles from Duquesne, … Continue reading

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“There Is No Tavern In the Town, In the Town”

There were two aspects of life in Duquesne that were commonplace for virtually every hunky living in the area, as evidenced by the sheer number of locations. The first was the spiritual side of their lives. As early as 1902, … Continue reading

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Easter Perspective

I may have posted this picture before, but I liken it to pulling out your Christmas decorations each year. If you’re like me, many of our Christmas ornaments hold special memories and immediately put me into a Christmas mood. This photograph has … Continue reading

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Hopping Down the Easter Trail!

Today, my wife and I had to stop by Walmart to pick-up a few items we needed for an Easter basket that we were preparing. As I was walking through aisle after aisle of Easter candy, treats, baskets, decorations and … Continue reading

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