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I have to admit; I read the recipe and instructions for preparing Slovak Easter Cheese (SIRECZ or HRUDKU) and was a bit befuddled about the instructions and whether or not I should attempt this Slovak delicacy. After a bit of … Continue reading

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The Cheap Thrills of Our Youth

“Let’s go fly a kite Up to the highest height! Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring Up through the atmosphere Up where the air is clear Oh, let’s go fly a kite!”   I was checking the … Continue reading

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Reminiscing at Eastertime

It is hard to believe that we are just a few days away from April already and less than two weeks away from Easter Sunday. Quite candidly, I have never been much of a Spring person. Truth be told, my … Continue reading

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PAGACH Recipe – A.K.A. Hunky Pizza!

I have never made the following recipe, however it sounded very tempting! If anyone attempts this wonderful dish, let us know how it turns out! Pagach  Pagach is a Slavic dish that can be served as a side item like … Continue reading

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Slovak Easter Cheese – Sirecz

Richard Terek added a comment yesterday, March 20, 2012, in response to my posting about the wonderful treats our mothers and grandmothers used to make at Eastertime. Specifically, he mentioned the hot cross buns and the puska. Richard then added: … Continue reading

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More of Duquesne’s Houses of Worship

After I became an altar boy at Holy Name, I looked forward to being scheduled for Stations of the Cross duty. Since we attended Holy Name School, we would always attend Stations of the Cross services each friday during Lent. … Continue reading

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Reflections at Easter

*NOTE – Please check out the addendum at the end of this post. In most cases, growing up in Duquesne in its heyday meant a very strong emphasis on the essential parts of developing a strong character. Education, hard work, … Continue reading

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The Way to a Hunky Heart is Through Their Stomach!

Earlier this week, I received a special email from one of the blog readers who wanted to share the following recipes with all of us.  Unfortunately, I am unble to share her full name since it wasn’t included. Nonethe less … Continue reading

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That’s For The Birds!

Although I don’t realize it sometimes, I find myself following some innate rituals that are rooted in my youth. For instance, I have an uncontrollable need to not waste any bread once it reaches the end of the loaf or … Continue reading

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Signs of OUR Times

As an Art and Design major, one of the rudimentary lessons I learned was that sometimes, “less is more.” I have been studying all of the photos I have from Duquesne and have concluded the following: As much as I … Continue reading

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