Pittsburgh, Here We Come!

Just a quick post!

My husband and I decided to do an impromptu visit and stay in Pittsburgh this weekend. I’ll be visiting West Mifflin, Duquesne, etc, of course. To be honest, I’m not sure if I have ever visited the actual city of Pittsburgh before. Well, let me rephrase that, I don’t have the memory of ever visiting, other than visiting my grandfather in the hospital.

I’ll be showing my husband all the places I remember from the area. I honestly don’t think I’ve been there since I was 16. That’s a lot of years. Oh my, too many now that I think about it.

On the list is my dad’s old house, many family member’s old houses, and the graveyard to visit my grandfather and grandmother. I never got to meet her, as she passed away when my dad was 12. But he told me we would have been best friends if she were with us still. We will view Kennywood from the outside since it’s closed.

One thing I always wanted to do and my dad talked about often was the Duquesne Incline. I’m fairly certain we never did it because of my Dad’s horrible fear of heights. I’m also scared of heights, but I’m excited to do it!

What other places should we visit?

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21 Responses to Pittsburgh, Here We Come!

  1. Pat Albrecht says:

    Abby, thank you for continuing your dad’s blog, I so enjoyed reading his stories! The incline would be a great experience and I agree the Grand Course would is an excellent choice for dinner or lunch! Wishing you an enjoyable visit!

  2. Steve & Lolly Volk says:

    Have a wonderful time, Abby! If time, please visit the Cathedral of Learning. The gothic-inspired Commons Room is located on the 2nd floor of this tall structure on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. I met your Uncle Steve there over 50 years ago and the rest is history!!! You can also visit the Nationality Rooms which surround the Commons. Definitely worth seeing!

  3. Dennis says:

    That’s such a wonderful idea to visit the area. A few suggestions: the church your grandparents attended (st Joseph?) if it’s open, Serra high school in McKeesport (I remember Jim being there, the Heinz history center in Pittsburgh, the Carnegie museum in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh university is there as well. I always take visitors to the Point, where the Monongehela and Allegheny meet to form the Ohio river. That’s also the site of fort Pitt and fort Duquesne (British and French forts in the 1700s).

  4. david.marks1@verizon.net says:

    I recommend that you drive along 837 and see what has been done to the mill properties. Some is sad and some is nice.

  5. LORI ACHTZEHN says:

    There is the Museum, Phipps Conservatory in Oakland; The Aviary and Rivers Casino & Science Center near the Steelers Stadium on the North Shore; There is always Point State Park (There is a museum there also). There are tons of things to do here.


  6. Christine P Happ says:

    Walk along East Carson Street/Southside — some nice shops and good restaurants. Also Strip District, between Smallman Street and Penn Avenue.

  7. Beth Amber aka Mary Beth Higgs says:

    Serra High School where your Dad went to high school. We went to grade school together but our grade school, Holy Name, was demoed years ago. The school would’ve been located just down the street from Holy Name Catholic Church, now Christ The Light Of The World Church. Your grandfather’s service station was right across the street. Your dad would’ve played in the alley behind the school and convent during lunch and recess breaks. We also went to high school together graduating in 1969. He went to Serra. I went to St. Peter’s. We were the sister school for Serra and enjoyed going to school dances, football and basketball games.

    Eastland Mall where Gimbels was located. I’m not sure what’s there now. I’ve lived in Ohio and other parts of the U.S since 1973.

    Have a Jim’s Hot Dog located on Skyline Drive in West Mifflin. Jim probably liked going there.

    Enjoy your trip to Pittsburgh!!

    • Blanche Francetic says:

      Hello! I truly enjoy your messages. Hope your trip is wonderful! Going down memory lane is delightful! Be prepared to see how all those places have changed! I graduated from Duquesne High in 1952! !

      A lot of the people who have responded to your message are similar to mine! I have now lived in Ohio 68 years! Yes, I am an old lady and would like to shadow you on your trip!Have fun!

    • If you plan on visiting the churches in Duquesne, St. Joseph on Grant Avenue will be the only one out of the three that is accessible. Holy Name, St. Joseph, and St. Hedwig’s, all once a part of Christ the Light of the Parish, had been annexed into St. Thomas the Apostle parish. St. Hedwig’s was decommissioned last year and now Holy Name will be following that same fate. Totally sad what has happened in the City of Duquesne.

      Definitely get to Jim’s Hot Dog stand in West Mifflin. Lots of great suggestions. The Greater Allegheny Passage (GAP) is a good way to see the area from a bicycle or walking view. Can rent bikes in a number of areas but the Waterfront in Homestead is a good place with plenty of parking.

      Good luck on your trip and happy memories.

  8. Lloyd Seager says:

    Try Phipps Conservatory in Oakland (https://www.phipps.conservatory.org), The Nationality Rooms (https://www.nationalityrooms.pitt.edu) in Pitt’s Cathedral of Learning (also in Oakland), The Jail Trail (https://theadventurerr.com). Starts at the Allegheny County jail and parallels the Parkway. There’s graffiti painted on the parkway piers and some of it is pretty good. Look for the ones signed ‘Mook”. And for something to eat, stop at Primanti Brother’s (https://primantibros.com) in the Strip District on 18th Street just off of Smallman Street -or- Penn Brewery (https://www.pennbrew.com) on Vinial Street in the Northside (Troy Hill neighborhood). Have fun!

  9. Regis Belback says:

    Pittsburgh Shrines- St. Anthony , Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. Stanislaus in the strip
    Heinz history center

  10. pghjoseph says:

    You can check out the Rivers Casino on the North Shore.

  11. Fred Fraikor says:

    There are two inclines to ride, and you won’t have any problems with heights. Check out the restaurants on the top of Mt. Washington and the spectacular view of the Golden Triangle at night. If you like history, stroll through the remains of Fort Pitt. A drive through the campus of the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University is fun. The botanical gardens in Schenly Park is worthwhile any time of the year.
    I agree with a must-visit to the Carnegie Museum.

  12. Thomas Wandless says:

    Plan a visit to the “Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum” in Oakland .

  13. Curt Grandi says:

    Once you get to the top of the incline, of course you have to take a stroll and linger at the overlooks on Grandview Ave. I say “of course” because you won’t be able to resist it anyway. It’s just not possible. Enjoy! Wish I were there. (From a West Mifflin native currently in exile in Washington state.)

  14. Dave Forgash says:

    If you ride the incline plan on dinner at The Grand Course at Station Square, you will not be disappointed. Expensive but it’s only money.
    For a bit of “Duquesne Hunky” nostalgia visit Jim’s Hotdog on Skyline Drive and/or Eat N Park on Lyle Blvd.
    Hope you enjoy your visit and stay safe!

  15. Kathleen Murray says:

    Heinz History Center. They have a Mr. ROGERS exhibit along with a Siper Steelers exhibit with franco Harris memorabilia.
    Yes do the Duquesne incline. Beautiful view of the city of Pittsburgh from Mt. Washington.
    Not sure what kind of food you like.
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  16. Rick Burton says:

    Latina’s Pizza across from Kennywood – originally next to the Moose Lodge on Grant Avenue – a Duquesne classic. Also Carnegie Museum in Oakland if it is still open and it is not far from the old right field wall of old Forbes Field where Maz hit the home run to win the 1960 World Series.

    • Dave Forgash says:

      Back in our day Irene’s pizza next to the Moose sold pizza for 10 cents a square. As I recall the whole Iera family worked in the business at one time or another.

      • Rick Burton says:

        You’re absolutely right Dave and the granddaughter is the one who still runs it her name is Lisa. She is Al Irish daughter I graduated with his sister Claire

      • Judy kray lochner says:

        Irene’s was the place to go after the football games. 10 cents went a long way then. When I go “home” I always go to st Joseph cemetery and ride thru Duquesne. What happened to our city. Lincoln ave looks like a war zone. So very sad. Our parents are rolling over in their graves

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