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If I Only….

So, I was only going post a poem a wrote for my dad on this post, however, while writing the opening for it, my memories got the best of me. I kept wondering why I felt the need to write … Continue reading

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Signs To Ease My Mind, Heart, And Soul

Signs, messages, whatever you want to call them, they are all around us. They tell us which way to drive, the name of a store, where to use the restroom, they even let us know who has the best burgers … Continue reading

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The Amazing Man Behind this Blog

I first want to tell everyone thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the cards and well wishes. Unfortunately, as most of you know, my father, the Duquesne Hunky, passed away Monday, November 9th around 8:10 pm … Continue reading

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Voices from Duquesne – April 22, 2020

I wanted to share some relatively recent emails that I received from folks that read my blog and might have information or questions they would like to share with us. Please, comment on this post if you have any answers … Continue reading

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A Picky Boy In A Hunky World

A Picky Boy in a Hunky World At 68 years of age, I am finally willing to admit that I was a VERY picky eater as a child, as a teenager, as a young adult, most of my adult life. … Continue reading

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Dateline 1918 – The Spanish Flu Pandemic

Please note: Some of the newspaper articles appear to be small and might be difficult to read. If you encounter that problem, just click on the article, position the magnifying glass over the article and press enter. by doing so, … Continue reading

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Happy Hunky New Year’s Eve

I’m reminded of the old adage, “Hindsight Is 20-20” as the new decade and new year approaches. I suppose one of the reasons is rather apparent since the New Year will actually be 2020. The less obvious reflection however, is … Continue reading

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VILIJA – Slovak Christmas Feast

It is hard to believe, but over nine years ago, I was just starting this blog. One of the most viewed was the following. I guarantee that as I amwriting, my family in the Pittsburgh area is busily getting ready … Continue reading

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Christmas in Duquesne – 100 Years Ago

Merry Christmas everybody! I am so excited and ready to start Christmas Eve 2019 100% prepared for the big event. Our house is decorated, the meals are ready to go, holiday cookies are finished, the house is cleaned, the shopping … Continue reading

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A Golden Christmas Gift

2019 has been a trying year for this Duquesne Hunky, but I have persevered and I am hoping to be able to able to post on a more consistant basis. As much as  many of you have written that you … Continue reading

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