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A Slow News Day

I cannot believe that it has been over two weeks since I’ve posted on my blog! Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! My excuse however is the amount of time that I spent in preparation for my daughter Abby’s … Continue reading

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It Isn’t Easy Being Green

My cousin, Marianne Volk, and Cindy Stanoszek Mitrik shared their friend William Lankenau’s story recently and I really enjoyed it. I thought I would share it with you to enjoy as well. I took the liberty of “embellishing” it and bringing … Continue reading

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Looking For “Otecko Warbucks”

I needed a diversion today. For the past 3 or 4 weeks, I have been dealing with the “almost sale” of our house in Ocean Pines, Maryland. I am a REALTOR®, and for the past two and a half years … Continue reading

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Just One More Time Santa

Dear Santa, I realize it is only just a few days before Christmas, but I know it is never too late to let you know what I’m wishing for this Christmas. As silly as it sounds, this year my Christmas … Continue reading

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Recollections of a Little Hunky’s Christmas

As we all rush around busily preparing for Christmas celebrations, I believe it’s refreshing to take a moment or two to just relax and recall treasured memories about the holidays from your youth. Somewhat like a bowl of Christmas hard … Continue reading

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All In The Name Of Progress???

I received a wonder email from Michael Ferchak that shared many of his recollections about his youth in Duquesne. Mike grew up on Chestnut Street, off of Center Street. I attempted to find an image of Mike’s home, but not knowing … Continue reading

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McKeesport’s 5th Ave

Depending on where you are living, the mention of 5th Avenue conjures-up different memories: • To the world’s population, it most likely makes them think about New York City’s famous thoroughfare. The avenue, especially between 49th Street and 60th Streets, … Continue reading

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A Few of my Favorite Things

I was watching a show on TV’s Food Network a few days ago. A young chef was explaining his style of cooking and what had inspired him to become a chef. He spoke about his family, his village in Mexico, … Continue reading

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A Buck and a Quarter and a WHOLE Lot of Fun!

There came a point in every Duquesne young person’s life when it was time to find an opportunity to earn money during the summer. Although 16 was the normal hiring age, we had the advantage of being able to get … Continue reading

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Duquesne’s Got Talent

I am fortunate to be the father of two wonderful daughters. They have both grown up to be spectacular women and I couldn’t be prouder. I enjoyed every aspect of their childhood and look back on their childhood adventures with great … Continue reading

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