Duquesne’s Rebirth? PART TWO

This is a continuation of my earlier post. Space restrictions on this WordPress blog allows only a specific amount of space to be used for each post. Sorry for the inconvenience, but read on…….

In closing, I wanted to post a photo that I find somewhat ironic. This photo was published just 9 days after the demolition that began the redevolpment occured. The photo shows Duquesne’s Board of Managers visiting the book section of the Duquesne Carnegie Library to inspect the recently completed remodeling project. I was suprised to see Fr. Shaughnessy from Holy Name as a Member of the Board of Managers! The irony in this photo is that just eight years after this photo was taken, this magnificent library was razed in June, 1968. …………I just don’t get it!

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1 Response to Duquesne’s Rebirth? PART TWO

  1. Patricia says:

    My understanding was that prior to 1968 US Steel paid for the upkeep of the Library. At some point they decided that they couldn’t afford to do it anymore so they sold the library to the city for $1. Then the city decided that they couldn’t afford the upkeep so they sold the land and tore the library down.

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