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Bubba’s Pocketbook – The McKeesport Bubba

In May of this year, I posted a picture of an older woman walking along the sidewalk in McKeesport on a snowy day. The post, titled “A Bubba In McKeesport” brought back a lot of memories for all of you, … Continue reading

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TL – We’ll Never Forget

I just learned of some very sad news…. Only days ago, I posted of the reporting of Terry Lee’s (aka TL) diagnosis of lung cancer. I am sad to report that Terry Lee passed away on Tuesday, July 30th. It … Continue reading

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Flashes of a Duquesne Yesterday

It has been awhile since I have posted on my blog, and I sure have missed doing so! I want to thank everyone who has been sending me news stories. I have really enjoyed them. One such story was sent … Continue reading

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A Bubba In McKeesport

EUREKA!!! I have been searching since I began this blog, and I have finally located a photograph (below) that I took when I was attending Community College of Allegheny County back in 1970. I was taking photography classes and was given an … Continue reading

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Recollections of a Little Hunky’s Christmas

As we all rush around busily preparing for Christmas celebrations, I believe it’s refreshing to take a moment or two to just relax and recall treasured memories about the holidays from your youth. Somewhat like a bowl of Christmas hard … Continue reading

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McKeesport’s 5th Ave

Depending on where you are living, the mention of 5th Avenue conjures-up different memories: • To the world’s population, it most likely makes them think about New York City’s famous thoroughfare. The avenue, especially between 49th Street and 60th Streets, … Continue reading

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Sweet Memories

I try not to be redundant when I post to my blog. However, a few days ago I read an article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette regarding the McKeesport Candy Co. which brought back memories on so many levels. The … Continue reading

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The Ice Block

Here’s a quick memory jolt for you. Since our freezer was about the size of a breadbox when I was a child, the production of ice was limited to those little aluminum ice-cube trays. As a result, every very summer … Continue reading

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Gifts from my Childhood

The last thing that I wanted to do when writing this blog was to become philosophical. Unfortunately, some events just bring out an innate need to overanalyze some of my behaviors, thoughts and points-of-view. Let me give you an example: … Continue reading

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Revisiting Eastland Shopping Plaza

It is very apparent that I need to organize things a bit better at home. Whenever I need to find something that I haven’t seen for a long time, inevitably it turns into a total upheaval of seldom used drawers, … Continue reading

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