Voices From Duquesne – September 15, 2011

I have to say, the past three weeks have been rather strange in my area of the country! Since the end of August, we’ve had an earthquake, a hurricane, floods and today, a tornado that hit Ocean City! Since it isn’t cold enough for a blizzard, I’m figuring, frogs and locusts! Aside from these anomalies, it feels like fall has officially especially with football season underway!

I have received some wonderful replys from our former friends and neighbors in the past few weeks, and since its the 15th of the month, its time for Voices from Duquesne again! I post messages that I receive from current and former Duquesne friends and neighbors on the 1st and 15th of each month in VOICES FROM DUQUESNE.  Take the time to share your whereabouts, your thoughts and memories, your email if you desire and any other words that tickle your fancy. To do so, just click the link below and fill out your information, thoughts, and memories.  Just  CLICK HERE!

Before you get started on catching up with old friends, I thought that you might enjoy a Duquesne Times article about the Football Season Opening Game, 1958…..

How many names do you remember from that game?


Speaking of remembering names, please enjoy reading through the hellos from your former friends and neighbors, here are some voices from Duquesne…..


Maiden Name = Beverly Flemm

Married Name = Monaghan

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1958-1976

Where are you now? = Columbia, California

Your Email Address = b.monaghan@sbcglobal.net

Questions, Comments and Feedback = I grew up on Aurilles Street. Attended St. Joseph’s school up the street and Duquesne High School. I worked at Kennywood, Cox’s department store in McKeesport, Isaly’s ice cream and deli, the Deli in the shopping center supermarket and Duke’s bar. My fondest memories are of Kennywood. I recently inherited the house when my mother passed away 4 years ago. It is available. Any advice on what to do with this house that fell on me? I have been in California for 35 years. I live by Columbia State Park; a living history park from the gold rush days. I am self-employed doing legal support work.


Maiden Name = Cathy Sturm

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1955-1989

Where are you now? = out in the boondocks of Arkansas

Questions, Comments and Feedback = love your site. It’s almost uncanny how your take on things is exactly the same as mine and you were a few years older. Jim you’ve brought back many good memories. …things I haven’t thought of in years.


Maiden Name = Denise Waddle

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1961 – 2006

Where are you now? = Cranberry Twp

Your Email Address = Tiltedhalo1@comcast.net


Maiden Name = Lea Meyer Chbosky

What is your married name? = Meyer

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1944-1966

Where are you now? = Upper St Clair, PA and Desert Hot Springs, CA

Your Email Address = lea_chbosky@verizon.net

Questions, Comments and Feedback = Graduated from DHS in 1962 – our 50th reunion will be next year. Happily married to my DHS sweetheart – two children, both in the LA,CA area. Enjoy reading about the current whereabouts of Duquesne friends and remembering the good times!

When I lived in Duquesne Place, we used to sled ride on Harden Ave. The city would block off the side streets and cinder the end of the run.


Maiden Name = Cathy Cardilla

What is your married name? = Gallucci

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1942-1959

Where are you now? = Irwin, Pa

Your Email Address = cgallucci@verizon.net

Questions, Comments and Feedback = This is a new email address. My old email was hacked and I had to get a new account. Is there some way you can get this information out there.




Name = Raymond Rutkowski

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1940 – 1958

Where are you now? = Maricopa Az

Your Email Address = rayski@c2i2.com

Questions, Comments and Feedback = I remember the swimming pool @ Kennywood, walking there quite often in the summer – school picnic at the park – the rivalry between Duquesne & McKeesport, used to work for Levine Hardware on 1st St part time after I turned 16, also all those Saturday spent at the movie there on 1st for a nickel or a dime not sure which now. A lot of fond memories of the sock-hops at the Gym.


Maiden Name = Jan Horvatt

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1951-1966

Where are you now? = Export, PA 15632

Your Email Address = janhorvatt@windstream.net

Questions, Comments and Feedback = I find this blog very interesting as it helps me to understand my memory of the times that I spend here as a child and young adolescent.

I was born in 1949 and lived at 27 North Fifth St.. I remember going to the grocery store at Kundrat’s Market on the corner of 5th and Grant across Fifth St. from Gallaghers. I sort of remember that Dom’s TV was on the corner of Grant and Fifth on the corner opposite Gallaghers. There was also another grocery store across from Schink’s Hardware, named Soltis Grocery. The owner was a butcher named Mike and his wife was named Pearl.

The mode of transportation during that era was the street car. I remember becoming carsick at a young age due to the constant jarring of the movement of the streetcars. When I was five though in the summer of 1951 my grandfather took me to Forbes Field in Oakland on a street car and I was fine because I sat at the open window and was able to breathe fresh air. I mention this because no one has mentioned the streetcar as a notable memory. It was truly a memento of that era.


Maiden Name = Gloria Flister

What is your married name? = Skurzynski

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1930-1952

Where are you now? = Boise Idaho

Your Email Address = gloriabooks@Q.com

Questions, Comments and Feedback = I’m the author of two novels set in Duquesne, THE TEMPERING and GOODBYE, BILLY RADISH. Both books are based on my father’s life in Duquesne when he was a boy getting ready to work in the mill; the second novel takes place during World War I. My father, A. K. Flister, wrote, produced and directed half a hundred theatrical productions in Duquesne in his lifetime. My website is http://gloriabooks.com


Maiden Name = Shirley Lemak

What is your married name? = Dilla

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1943-1965

Where are you now? = Irwin, PA

Questions, Comments and Feedback = Duquesne, in the 50’s was a great place in which to grow and live. Super schools, families, friends and stores. We had it all. Remember the fun carnival behind the City Hall? So many people were there that it was hard to find family members. It was safe, too, although we were warned about the “gypsies.” I remember the chicken store where I went to get the Sunday chicken for Grandma. We didn’t dare to misbehave because every adult would yell at us and then tell our parents. No secrets. So many wonderful memories that I wish I could give to my grandchildren.


Maiden Name = Sandra Algeri

What is your married name? = Sandra Bullard

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1943-1964

Where are you now? = Hiram, Georgia

Your Email Address = sandi324@gmail.com




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1 Response to Voices From Duquesne – September 15, 2011

  1. Tom McLaughlin says:

    The article about the first football game of the season was in my era. I knew them all. Planned to played golf with the quarterback, Kosko, yesterday, but it rained. Stanko is in CA, but is on my email list.

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