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Voices of Duquesne – Christmas 2017

Hi James, I am in need of a recipe for Christmas Eve mushroom soup that uses fresh mushrooms and NO sauerkraut. That was my mothers recipe from a long time ago. My mother was born in Slovakia and must have gotten that recipe … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time

Even though Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, 2015, are behind us now, I decided to check the Duquesne Times from 100 years ago. I wanted to gain some insight into how the holidays were celebrated and reported in 1915. … Continue reading

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When Christmas Meant Traditions and Family

My mother was Croatian, my father was Slovak. As a result, I was immersed in two different Eastern European cultures, each with their own set of traditions. It seems that these traditions came to the forefront during the holiday season. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Snow and Family Gatherings Revisited

The Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving It may be I am getting old and like too much to dwell, Upon the days of bygone years, the days I loved so well. But thinking of them now I wish, somehow that I could know, … Continue reading

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Tradition Deprived

Today I realized that it had been longer than normal since I last posted on my blog. However, I have a good excuse. In less than 72 hours, I will be walking my youngest daughter down the aisle on her … Continue reading

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A Heck Of A Hunky Wedding On The Horizon

This past weekend was an exciting time for my family. It was the first “official” event on my youngest daughter’s journey to her wedding day in September. A surprise shower was held for her, and the reality of my “baby … Continue reading

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Just One More Time Santa

Dear Santa, I realize it is only just a few days before Christmas, but I know it is never too late to let you know what I’m wishing for this Christmas. As silly as it sounds, this year my Christmas … Continue reading

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