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Young Love – Kennywood Style

Ok, it’s time to get even more nostalgic than I have before. I freely admit to the fact that I will be crossing the “sappy” line with this posting. I was thinking about the impact that Kennywood had on my … Continue reading

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Kennywood Revisited

When I was a kid, I remember that this time of year was almost as exciting as the Christmas season! I was FULL of anticipation and would be counting down the days until two MAJOR events would happen. The first … Continue reading

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1954 Duquesne Retrospective

There are times that I really struggle with post ideas. It seems that I have covered every inch of my childhood memories. However, whenever “writer’s block” occurs, all I have to do is peruse a few issues of The Duquesne … Continue reading

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Sad News for Kennywood

So many of Duquesne’s youth worked at Kennywood at one time or another as they were growing up in our hometown. Lou Andriko forwarded an obituary from the Post-Gazette for Carl Hughes, former C.O.B. for Kennywood, and a very familiar face around … Continue reading

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Kennywood’s Holiday Lights 2012

Well, I have returned from my trek to Duquesne! The weather was a bit dismal and not at all typical for this time of year. Virtually every day was rain-filled with only periodic periods of clearing. I had to cancel … Continue reading

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Kennywood From A Parent’s Perspective

Get ready for a treat! There is a series of Youtube videos that are absolutely delightful and hysterical titled “The Pittsburgh Dad.” The videos are like mini-Situation Comedies about living in the area. The video below is the latest and … Continue reading

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Timeless Kennywood!

I love the internet. It provides a wealth of information if you know where to look. One of my favorite reference sites is Wikipedia. The information submitted to this site is at times questionable, however, I was able to locate … Continue reading

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Colors of Kennywood

For some reason, today I am really having an “I miss Kennywood” moment. I’m sure it started as I began to consider a subject that I wanted to write about today. Since we are having a rather overcast and gloomy … Continue reading

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In Heaven There Is No Beer – BUT in Kennywood?!?!

I know I said that I wasn’t going to write any more posts, but I’m finding that it’s easier said than done to withdraw from thinking about Duquesne. For that reason, here I go again. Judy and I have had … Continue reading

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Big Events In Our Small Town

BIG EVENTS IN DUQUESNE 60 years ago, on May 1, 1952, the circus came to town. I found the the picture above in The Duquesne News. Can you imagine the thrill in seeing a sight like this on the streets … Continue reading

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