Kennywood From A Parent’s Perspective

Get ready for a treat!

There is a series of Youtube videos that are absolutely delightful and hysterical titled “The Pittsburgh Dad.” The videos are like mini-Situation Comedies about living in the area. The video below is the latest and will definately bring back some memories from the images throughout the park. Let us know what you think!

Thanks you Colleen Travis for tipping me off to this video!

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2 Responses to Kennywood From A Parent’s Perspective

  1. Ray Sawko says:

    Great memories…thanks for sharing

  2. Debra Faust-Clancy says:

    Holy Smokes Jim, These are high-sterical! Hahahahahah! I knew about Pittsburgh Dad, but the Kennywood one is a keeper. I can’t wait to show it to some of my family who live in NJ, but who grew up in this area and who won’t ever forget Kennywood or school picnics. Everybody either had a dad or knew a dad (or a mom) that was just like Pittsburgh Dad. S’cuse me, while I watch a couple more…..

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