MORE Duquesne High School Football Memories

Based on the major response from all of the fans of Duquesne High School Football after I posted the GEO article featuring our hometown, I thought you might enjoy remembering a bit more. I reached back in to the Duquesne Times 1951 and 1952 editions and found some interesting articles and photos about Duke Pride and Duke performance.

Long before today’s “Soccer Mom’s & Dad’s” Duquesne boasted a Booster’s Club whose purpose was to promote and celebrate athletics in the city schools. I recognized so many of the names of in the 1951 photo below which details the newly elected Booster Club Officers in Duquesne. What a WONDERFUL undertaking and support group for all of the kids and coaches!

Boosters Club

Throughout the Duquesne Times during the Dukes Football season, every game was meticulously recapped and served to excite those who were unable to attend the games. In 1951, we were celebrating the Dukes latest victory against Braddock which added to their undefeated record:



In the GEO article that I posted previously, much was mentioned about the Gedman family football legacy. Our city fathers clearly understood the achievements of these young men and honored one of them. At a game that took place at the Pitt Fieldhouse, our booster club honored Eugene “Patty” Gedman for his achievements while a student at Duquesne High School. Although he was now part of the visiting Indiana team, the admiration and love for our hometown sports hero was evident!

Here to the Duquesne Dukes! A constant source of pride, admiration and conversation among all of the Duquesne residents!


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8 Responses to MORE Duquesne High School Football Memories

  1. Vivian gedman celaschi says:

    Love the stories about my dad and his brothers Jim! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Ron Macosko says:

    Our daughter Elaine is married to Scott Gedman,son of Wayne,nephew of Patty Gedman. They are the parents of three beautiful daughters.Presley(16),Kylie(14) & Casey(12). All are students at Thomas Jefferson High School/MIddle School. Presley is a varsity cheerleader and is president of Student Council. Kylie is also a cheerleader and is a member of the girl’s track team. Casey is active in middle school girls basketball,volleyball,and softball…………The Gedman Name goes on in sports as well as academics………All are excellent students.

  3. Jack Schalk says:

    What an honor it was for these men to be Duke boosters.
    Duquesne, as well as the whole Mon Valley, lived for football on Friday nights. I can remember being brought to a fever pitch by all the news articles and PR pertaining to the teams.
    Rome Sikora mentioned the nicknames the players had and as I was reading the enclosed article it brought back memories of “Pinky” Pencoske. That certainly was not a nickname you would give a football player but Pinky loved it and you would never kid a guy with his attitude about it.

  4. Rome Sikora says:

    As a student at Pitt, I was at the Pitt-Indiana game when Patty Gedman played at Pitt Stadium. It was a classic story of local boy makes good. From the upper floors of a nearby high rise building hung a gigantic banner that said “WELCOME HOME PATTY”. (At least that’s how I remembered it) I’m certain it was visible from every seat in the stadium. This memorable tribute must have been carried out by the Duquesne Boosters Club. Thanks for the memories Jim.

  5. Beth Pastrick Keane says:

    My dad played basketball in 1935 and 1936…the Booster Club was full of proud Alums…many of the names listed on the team rosters are familiar. How awesome that as alums they supported those teams that came after them!

  6. Beth Pastrick Keane says:

    Thanks for posting this article….how cool that my Dad was involved in the Booster Club (Outgoing president) and my brother RIchard was only 6 and my brother David was only two…I wasn’t born yet! So people were involved in the Booster CLub and they didn’t even have children attending the high school! My Dad was good friends with Eddie Wisbar and my brother David Edward was named after Eddie Wisbar. My Dad compiled a book (sponsored by the Duquesne Booster Club) and edited by Luke Quay titled “32 years of Basketball with the Dazzling Dukes”. He was assisted by Stanley Olenski. Others playing a major role in helping publish the book were Jack Kropp of the Daily News, Ray Y. Henry, Duquesne High Principal and Mr Gillespie, Superintendent of Schools. The book starts with the 1920 team through the 1951 team. Each team has a picture and a full page summary of the season, as well as the statistics for each player for the entire season. There is also a page for Mr Henry and Coach William Lemmer who took over 1936-37 through 1951. Some of the sponsors of the book were Schrieiber Chevrolet, Pastrick’s Diner. Pastrick’s Alliance Sound Co., Manns Bros, Moran’s Grill, Duquesne Home and Auto supply, Avenue News, Morris Benovitz “Style Shoppe”, Staisey’s, Wisbar’s Sewer cleaning service, Duquesne Building & SUpply Co, Plaza Theater, Oliver Market, Kessler’s Mens Wear, Long’s Lucky “7” Bar, James J Pucci, Duquesne Druggists, Long Coal and Hauling Co, Jerry and Bud’s Do-Nut Shoppe, Plaza Jewelry Co, Pirl’s FIlling Station Droman’s ELectric, Painter’s Cleaner and Decorators. Lots more!! I have one copy of the book and would be happy to reproduce any page (s) if anyone is interested.

    • archie t. alexander says:

      am interested in copies of pages of 32 years of basketball of the dazzling dukes. my father played in the mid 1920 and uncle late 1930. i would be willing to buy a book if available from some wanting to sell.if not.i will pay you to run copies of the entire book, my fathers name was taso alexandrovich/novic and uncle alex alexandrovich.a

  7. Diann Topley Torrey (Class of 71) says:

    OMG! I have no pictures of my late grandfather, Roy Topley, yet I immediately recognized him from the photo before I read the names. Thank you so much for publishing that photo. I never knew he was interested in football until now. Great memories of Duquesne football.

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