In A Class By Ourselves!

Well my friends, WE are hitting a milestone with this post. This is my 200th post to my blog! Thank you so much for sticking with me and allowing me to “BS” for over two years! The one thing that is VERY apparent is that we “hunkys” sure like to gab and tell stories!

As a student at Holy Name, I remember one special event in particular that took place each year. Who can ever forget “class pictures?!?” I’m not sure what time of year they were taken, but I would guess that it might have been in the fall, based on what we were wearing the the pictures. I remember my mom fussing about what I was going to wear as well as making sure that I clearly understood how to comb my hair just right in order to take the best picture.

Judging from the example below of my 5th Grade Class, every mom was equally fussy about their little boys and girls when it came to picture day. I have to hand it to the photographer. He really did a great just and appears to have taken special care to assure he was able to get a good picture of each child. There’s not a bad picture in the bunch.

I remember being able to take the pictures home and proudly give them to my mom and dad. I can still recall the special texture on the pictures that made them feel like silk. Of course, they were always black and white and the largest size was a 5×7 and about 20 wallet size pictures for all the aunts and uncles and grandparents.

Thanks to my grade school buddy, Geno Sabolcik, I will be able to share a few of our class pictures from Holy Name Grade School over the next few months. I have stared at our 5th Grade picture for the last hour, trying to remember all of the names and faces. I managed to recall 38 out of 43 of my classmates. I hit a brick wall on five of them, although some are on the tip of my tongue. Please, if I got anywrong of the ones that I did name or if anyone can fill in the blanks for me, PLEASE add your comment! One special note – notice our class size! 43 students and one teacher! Mrs. Juliana sure had her hads full!!

Holy Name 5 th Grade

Grade 5 w-numbers

1. Mary Beth Higgs

2. Gary Huwalt

3. Debbie Abbatangelo

4. Michael Balaban

5. Noreen Shanley

6. Mat Esak

7. Bruce Olson

8. Frank Uhrin


10. Ralph Lemak

11. Eileen Trubich

12. Elaine Torres

13. Raymond Lucas

14. Jay Ann Turkowski

15. Larry Pitts

16. Bernadette Lucas

17. Harry Chiesi

18. Jane Smouse

19. Jimmy Rarrick

20. Barbara Wirth

21. ME! – Jim Volk

22. David Gibas(?)

23. Lorraine Spade

24. Geno Sabolcik

25. Amy Mariani

26. Stephen Regina

27. Karen Dagle

28. Harry Wagner

29. Buddy Irons-Sekowski

30. Carol Gibbons

31. Richard Ross

32. John Lawler

33. Wanda Jefferies

34. Jane Drago

35. Raymond Terza

36. Mary Petrozza

37. Billy Gibbons

38. Judy Needham

39. Bob Chermonitz

40. Candice Sinai

41. Bernard Curran

42. Carl Kavish

43. David Newmyer

Once again, thank you for sticking with me for 200 posts!

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30 Responses to In A Class By Ourselves!

  1. Bob Chermonitz says:

    Hi Jim! Just going down memory lane again and I just wanted to mention, if I haven’t already, that I have the pleasure of calling on a beautiful young doctor who just happens to be the daughter of our own Elaine Torres! It is a small world after all.

  2. Paula Goldman Smith says:

    Great job Jim. It’s great to read your posts and the comments from everyone. Keep up the good work. Hugs.

  3. len evagues says:

    Bob i also remember you. I am fine thank you for asking. Are you still in the area?

  4. Jim says:

    I received a sad and yet wonderful email yesterday from a young lady who had seen the photo of the 5th Grade Class at Holy Name that I had just posted. I thought I would share it with. It is amazing how the smallest of things can mean so much:

    “Thanks for posting the pic of Holy Name 5th grade class.
    My dad is in that pic, and I’ve never seen pics of him as a child.
    He passed away 25 years ago.
    You made my day

    Crissy Gibbons
    Daughter of Billy ‘Gibby’ Gibbons

    • Bob Chermonitz says:

      Hi, Crissy. I knew your father very well. We went to school together from grades 1 to 12. As you probably know he was a fun loving guy. And we had alot of good times together, even while at HNS, thank God his dad was a policeman. Just know this about your dad, if you were lucky enough to be his friend he was the best friend you could have. I only hope I was as good a friend to him. God Bless you and your family. I’ll never forget “Gibby”.

      • crissy gibbons says:

        thank you for your note! hearing about my dad makes me happy and sad. sad that he’s gone, but happy to hear such good memories of him! one thing i remember about his funeral…..all the cars in the procession…..was the longest i had ever seen! (and have ever seen!). shows me that he was well loved by many. i think of him often.
        thanks for your kind words!

    • crissy gibbons says:

      if anyone would happen to have any photos of my dad to share, i would appreciate it!!
      thanks 🙂

  5. Beth Pastrick Keane says:

    Thanks for all 200 posts..and hopefully many many more to look forward to…you have an incredible gift for writing…and your shared memories warm our hearts and stir our own memories. Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!! APPLAUSE APPLASUE APPLAUSE!!!!

  6. len evagues says:

    Hi Jim My name is Len Evagues i too was a classmate although i left holy name in the 3rd grade i wonder if any one has our 1st and 2nd grade class pics? thanks for the memories

  7. Debbie Stewart says:

    Congratulations Jim! Have loved reading every one of your post. You have a great memory and have brought back such wonderful memories! Enjoyed our visit at Christmas time! Make sure to stop again when you are visiting Duquesne!

  8. Joshua Lamb says:

    Congratulations on your 200th post. A milestone indeed!

  9. Gene (Geno) Sabolcik says:

    Hey Jim! Glad you could use the pictures in your 200th Blog posting! Congrats!
    I believe that #22 is David Gibas (great swimmer), #29 looks like Buddy Irons, and #31 Richard Ross. Keep up the fantastic job of reminding all of us old timers how great it was to grow up in Duquesne. Take care my friend. – Geno

    • Jim says:

      I remember David and Richard’s names, but I don’t recall Buddy Irons at all. Guess my mind’s finally going! LOL Thanks again Geno!!!!!!

      • Bob Chermonitz says:

        Good job, Geno! 22 is Dave Gibas his younger brother, Jerome, is the GM at Kennywood.
        Buddy Irons was also known as Buddy Sekowski (sp) before it was Irons, or after, I’m not certain about that. #9 is NOT Candice Sinai, she is #40. We were neighbors for years and our moms good friends. I recall #9 but cannot remember her name. Bob

    • Gene (Geno) Sabolcik says:

      Hey Bob! I haven’t been back to this blog for about a week, and I just saw your comment. Hopefully, Jim will post the 6th, 7th and 8th grade class pictures I sent him at some point in the future. It’s interesting to see how we all started growing up. -Geno

      • Jim says:

        Geno – the pictures you sent are like fine wine, we just can’t guzzle them all at once. Each one needs to be savored. Lol – Seriously, I promise to post them all as soon as I return home from Philadelphia !

    • Gene (Geno) Sabolcik says:

      Jim, I couldn’t agee more! They should NOT be posted all at once. I just wanted all the Holy Namers to know that there are more coming at some point.

  10. Tracey Prisalac Dunn says:

    Love your Blog! Congrats and PLEASE KEEP POSTING!

  11. dmh2010David says:

    Congrats and keep on a postin’

  12. Harry "Red" "Dutch" Wagner...class of 69... says:

    No 11 is Eileen Trubich…

  13. Harry "Red" "Dutch" Wagner...class of 69... says:

    That was Karen Dagle, Bonnie was her older sister. Also # 14 I think is Jay Ann Turkowski…Thanks so much for posting. I had forgotten you were in my class all the way through school. I remember Judy Needham left in the 6th grade….

  14. Frank Mullen says:

    Debra Faust-Clancy is right – you are a great storyteller and writer, Jim.That is because you tell the truth which all of us can see for what it is right away. Truth is light, and you shine it well on a part of all of us that we love seeing again – a good hometown that was made up of many good people. You have been shining a light where it wanted to be shown, on something bright and precious. We are grateful for the gift of your reminding us of some thing good and true in our lives, the Duquesne of half a century ago. Thank you very much, Jim.

  15. Chris Miklos Drecnik says:

    I think #11 is Eileen Trubich…
    Kudos on the “milestone” post! Love every one!

  16. Debra Faust-Clancy says:

    Jim, The crowd on FB will have those missing names for you in a New York minute. You’re right, the photographer did a really good job with making each kid look good. And Uber Congrats on your 200th posting. I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to each one with relish. (And mustard too.) The sweater vest and striped tie on #21 was very fashion-forward….. You’re a great storyteller and wonderful writer, Jim. Keep on keeping on.

  17. Polly Pirl Artuso says:

    You were ADORABLE…your Mom should have been proud…hair perfect!!!!! Polly Pirl Artuso ’56

  18. Jim says:

    I just remembered #4 is Michael Balaban

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