Ignore A Previous Post – Please!

Someone has decided to hack my blog somehow and post an announcement for “making money.”

Just so you know, I DID NOT post the article titled “Wow! I started making money finally! Awesome!” I only wish I DID start making money!!! I have changed my profile on WordPress and have hopefully cured the problem. I will never understand why people feel compelled to complicate people’s lives like that!

Let’s hope we’ve seen the last of that person!


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5 Responses to Ignore A Previous Post – Please!

  1. Victoria Castleberry says:

    A lot of sick people out there! Too bad they don’t use their talents to better the world rather than strew misinformation!

  2. Lou A. says:


    I just gave them my name, SSN, B-day and wife’s maiden name….


  3. Mary Beth says:

    Knew immediately it wasn’t you. Sad that it happened.

  4. Ron Kurimsky says:

    Jim, that’s what I figured as soon as I saw it. Don;t worry it’s happened to all of us. Seems these scum bags have got nothing better to do.

    Thanks, Ron Kurimsky

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