Reminiscing at Eastertime

It is hard to believe that we are just a few days away from April already and less than two weeks away from Easter Sunday. Quite candidly, I have never been much of a Spring person. Truth be told, my favorite seasons are Autumn and Winter. Whenever I tell anyone that here at the beach, the look at me strangely, and then I just tell them I grew up in the Pittsburgh area and they immediately understand. I suppose in their mind, I must have a penchant for cold weather if I was from that area. In my case, they’re correct.

 I have been busy cleaning up our yard and getting ready for the onset of Summer and the hot weather this week. It reminded me again, of how much I enjoyed Autumn and Winter when grass and bushes stopped growing! I am also not one to putter outside in a garden or in our yard. I prefer to be inside with a cup of coffee and watching the snow covering a lawn that I don’t have to mow!

 With all that aside, I thought you might enjoy reminiscing and seeing a few clips from the Duquesne Times. It was certainly and kinder and gentler time when we were young. You’ll see what I mean when you read them, ENJOY!

Although I posted these last year, I had to repeat it again since they are the one thing that immediately conjours up memories of Easter in Duquesne as a boy –

Another image that is sure to provoke some memories is the following photo of the K of C production of the Passion Play at OUR Carneige Library, this one from 1960 –


In 1942, a proclamation was issued that unfortunately wouldn’t happen in our day and age and society:

By 1955, the same request was put forward by The Holy Name Society at St. Josephs as opposed to the government. I suppose times were changing:

Merchants in were attempting to get everyone ready for the Easter Parade one hundred years ago in 1912:

Finally, just as a point of trivia, I enjoyed the following article from the 3-27-1942 edition of the Duquesne Times about two local artists, one of whom worked with Gene Kelly:


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4 Responses to Reminiscing at Eastertime

  1. Paula N says:

    Audrey Jane Botkin Roth later had a recurring role on the Mr Rogers show. I can’t recall what character she played in Make Believe but I think she had a cleaning service. I think.

  2. Ken Denne says:

    George Staisey was a pretty good football player..Played QB 1945-46

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