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The Way to a Hunky Heart is Through Their Stomach!

Earlier this week, I received a special email from one of the blog readers who wanted to share the following recipes with all of us.  Unfortunately, I am unble to share her full name since it wasn’t included. Nonethe less … Continue reading

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That’s For The Birds!

Although I don’t realize it sometimes, I find myself following some innate rituals that are rooted in my youth. For instance, I have an uncontrollable need to not waste any bread once it reaches the end of the loaf or … Continue reading

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Signs of OUR Times

As an Art and Design major, one of the rudimentary lessons I learned was that sometimes, “less is more.” I have been studying all of the photos I have from Duquesne and have concluded the following: As much as I … Continue reading

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Steeler Football Is A Religion Not A Sport !!!

 I had to pass along the following that was sent to me by our friend and former Duquesne kid, Barry Long! Barry currently makes his home in Honolulu, Hawaii for 7 months each year, and in Kirkland, WA for 5 … Continue reading

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