Voices From Duquesne – October 1, 2011

Allow me to begin this posting of Voices from Duquesne with my regular reminder. I post messages that I receive from current and former Duquesne friends and neighbors on the 1st and 15th of each month in VOICES FROM DUQUESNE.  Take the time to share your whereabouts, your thoughts and memories, your email if you desire and any other words that tickle your fancy. To do so, just click the link below and fill out your information, thoughts, and memories.  Just  CLICK HERE!

 I can’t believe its the beginning of October already! Without question, we are heading into my very favorite time of the year. Living here on the shore, people look at me strangely when I tell them how much I enjoy the cooler weather. They are really baffled when I continue on about how much I like winter and the snow. Their confusion clears-up immediately when I tell them I’m from the Pittsburgh area however. They usually just nod their head then and say “Ahhhhh. I see!”

So, enjoy hearing some more voices from Duquesne and our neighboring areas!


Maiden Name = Patricia Pucci

Married Name? = Layton

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1948-early 70’s

Where are you now? = Chicago, IL

Your Email Address = pat1008@aol.com

Questions, Comments and Feedback = Growing up when I did in the fifties was almost idyllic. There were tons of kids in the neighborhood and plenty to do. In the summer we would leave the house early in the morning and not go home until dinner (or earlier if we got hungry). My parents never worried about us; or at least not that I was aware of. We had so much personal freedom.

I’ve spent most of my adult life not living in Duquesne so it’s been interesting re-visiting Duquesne through the memories of others and having my own memories stirred up. Appropriate past time for my old age!



When did you live in Duquesne? = 1947-1960

Where are you now? = IRVINE CALIFORNIA

Your Email Address = MASAM302@YAHOO.COM

Questions, Comments and Feedback = I will have to pass this site information on to a few older people that grew up in Duquesne. My parents opened Irene’s Pizza (1957)on Grant Ave near 6th Street and in 1961 they moved it to 5th Avenue and RT 30 in East McKeesport and it was sold in 1989. I will check back again. 

*Sam, your parent’s pizza shop is probably one of Duquesne’s Icons! Everyone who reads this blog and lived in Duquesne when the shop was open, counts it as their VERY favorite place for pizza, bar none! The square cuts, the thick cheese, the sauce, EVERYTHING about it was memoriable. Thanks for connecting with one of your family’s humble fans!!


Name = Gloria Hess

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1946-1970

Where are you now? = Tulsa OK

Your Email Address = gloria_jean_98@yahoo.com

Questions, Comments and Feedback = Glad I was invited to be on this blog! Interesting to hear how others perceive growing up in Duquesne. I think we all agree that Kennywood Park, high school dances, football games, ethnic food and that small town atmosphere where everyone knew someone in your family were the days!! 


Name = Maurice Reid

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1973-2001

Where are you now? = Bowie, MD

Your Email Address = MReid29@hotmail.com


Name = Raymond B. Isadore

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1960-2008

Where are you now? = Glenshaw Pa

Your Email Address = Raymondisadore@hotmail.com

Questions, Comments and Feedback = Just found the Website and wanted to say Hi. My family owned many grocery stores in Duquesne. My mother Therese Isadore (T. Denne) still lives in Duquesne.

Your favorite Duquesne FALL memories = Attending High School Football games 


Name = Archie Andrews

When did you live in Duquesne? = Birth-1971

Where are you now? = Lacey WA 98516

Your Email Address = datsrite@gmail.com

Questions, Comments and Feedback = Awesome site and as one age’s hometown memories become more predominate than ever!

Your favorite Duquesne FALL memories = Going up and down the one road (That was like a roller coaster) on the way to Kennywood park as a child. Ride tickets were 5 cents and we rode until they were all gone for sure!! 


Name = Sam Salvucci

When did you live in Duquesne? = 48-53 74-82

Where are you now? = Reedy, West Virginia

Your Email Address = katsal72@hotmail.com

Questions, Comments and Feedback = Great that you’ve done this. Not much left is there. 


There have been a lot of comments from Facebook neighbors after I had posted on the McKeesport Memories Group page! I am so thrilled that we are all able to share memories with one another!

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13 Responses to Voices From Duquesne – October 1, 2011

  1. Chuck Rubbo says:

    I remember when Irean’s was behind ST. Bobs church in East McKeesport . I kind of grew up over there, many fond memories. Just found out about Caputos Inn. THE SAME GREAT Pizza boy did it bring back the memories. I remember taking pizza’s over to St.Bobs school for AL. I will visit Caputos often and tell all my friends and family.

  2. connie says:

    I worked for Richards shoe store in Eastland. Wow. What a mall that was. I miss Irenes pizza that was in Duquesne. Is it true that the family opened a store near Kennywood. Would love to know as I have recently moved back to wonderful Pittsburgh. I also worked for Coxs department store and Rubinsteins shoes. Several years later, I worked for Duquesne Light Company in 10th ward. So many wonderful memories of Mckeesport, West Mifflin and Duquesne.

  3. Linda (Negley) Gibb says:

    Sam Salvucci, was your dad a teacher at Duquesne High & if so where is he now?

    • Dave Gaydos says:

      Sam took me to FLA with the Exporers 4 years in a row….always had a great time….He was a great Man.

    • sam mastroianni says:

      Sam Salvucci Jr. passed away about 10 years ago. He was my uncle and I know he has touched a lot of hearts. I will remember him always. My cousin, his son is Sam also. He is living in, and the Mayor of Reedy, WV.

  4. Linda (Negley) Gibb says:

    To the person that said Eastland was the first of it’s kind, that’s not quite right. Southland Shopping Center on Rt. 51 in Pleasant Hills/West Mifflin pre-dates Eastland.

  5. cheryl says:

    hi i think you have the date’s wrong with Irene’s Pizza shop cause i know that was the best around and i was born in 1957 and still got the pizza when i was out of school working . you might want to change/check that

    • sam mastroianni says:

      My parents opened the shop in 1957, Sometime in 1960 we moved to East McKeesport, and soon after that (1961- 1962 ) my parents opened Irene’s in East McKeesport and sold the shop to my Aunt Maria and Uncle Garibaldi till they retired and my cousin (their daughter ) Clair Iera owned and operated it until sometime around 1990. Her brother Al Iera has a shop near kennywood, “Latina Pizza” and her sister Carol Caputo has a shop ,”Friendly Inn” in Pitcairn about a mile off of rt 48.

      • Linda (Negley) Gibb says:

        do you have a sister named Carmella & if so where is she now?

      • sam mastroianni says:

        Carmela moved to Anaheim, CA about 35 years ago and is still living in Anaheim. I can forward this to her and most likely she will get back with you.

      • Linda (Negley) Gibb says:

        ok thanks. I’d appreciate that.

      • Dave Forgash DHS '62 says:

        I have traveled all around the USA and Irene’s Pizza on Grant Avenue still has/had the best Pizza in America. $.10 per cut can we believe that. I am still a pizza lover.
        Jim, keep up the good work on this site.
        Dave Forgash
        Bradenton FL

      • Tyrone Michaels says:

        Carmella Pucci was my grade school math teacher(sub) at Duquesne Catholic Norman Street building.

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