Voices from Duquesne – July 2011 – Chapter 2

Once again, I have been receiving emails from so many current and former Duquesnites. I invite all of you to raise your hands and join in the role call and let us know where you are. Reconnecting with past friends is one of life’s simple pleasures. Click on the link below and take a few moments to reconnect!

                         CLICK HERE TO LET US KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU!

What is your married name?

What is your married name? = Martina Hull | hulldstina@gmail.com

Maiden name = Tina Estochin

Years in Duquesne = 1957-1970

Where do you live now? = Fayetteville, NC

Comments = I found this blog while using Facebook. I so enjoy hearing about “the good ole days” and seeing the photos depicting Duquesne in its “hay day” This is a great idea, Jim. Thanks for all you do.

What is your name? = Harold West | friend me on Facebook if you want to reconnect

Years in Duquesne = 1959-1977

Where do you live now? = Bal-Wash. D.C. area

Comments = I like the nostalgia. Remembering a place that is very different than today’s reality.

What is your married name? = Sandra | sandi324@gmail.com

Maiden name = Algeri

Years in Duquesne = Railroad Street

Where do you live now? = Atlanta, Georgia

Comments = Someone forwarded me a blog and I do so enjoy it. I love the one on Kennywood so much. I just was telling a friend about the good times we had at Kennywood, and there it was on my computer. I remember the fair and football games. The good old times at Duquesne High. We would walk over the Duquesne-McKeesport Bridge just for fun every night in the summer. I graduated in 1960.

What is your married name? = Sharlene Francis |

Maiden name = Carr

Years in Duquesne = 1945-1951

Where do you live now? = Phoenix, Arizona

Comments = I was born in Duquesne and moved to West Mifflin in 1951. I left the area in 1964.

My parents were born and raised in Duquesne and I enjoyed many years visiting my Grandmother on Kennedy Ave. I loved listening to my parents and Aunts tell stories of their growing up in Duquesne. My Mother was Lois Bond, her sisters were Norma and Margaret. My Father was Robert Carr. All went to Duquesne High School.

I have lived in NYC, Hawaii, CA. and retired now in Phoenix AZ.I have lost touch with just about everyone from West Mifflin and Duquesne and reading this blog brings so many good memories back to me. I really enjoy having this blog. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into providing us with this magical journey back in time.

What is your married name? = Audrey John | clancysix@yahoo.com

Maiden name = Audrey Rosenbusch

Years in Duquesne = 1935 to 1958 (1953 Hi School Grad)

Where do you live now? = Latrobe, PA

Comments = I lived in an apartment above Raible’s plumbing store between 3rd and 4th street on Grant Avenue until I was 4 years old. I remember a barber shop across the alley below the plumbing and also a Chinese laundry below that. I then moved to 1011 Grant Avenue (across from Turlik’s house). I remember all the slag trucks going up to the dump by Polish Hill. My mother dusted every day. I met Barry Long at that time. He lived up the street a way. I remember the city used to flood a place on the ball field when the weather was freezing for ice skating. It was also done next to the police station on 2nd street. In the summer they would attach a shower to the fire hydrant and the children would cool off.

What is your married name? = Dot Craig | dorcra8@yahoo.com

Maiden name = Kraus

Years in Duquesne = 1946 to 2003

Where do you live now? = Las Vegas Nevada

Comments = I enjoy reading your Duquesne blog and seeing the pictures, thanks for keeping it up. I was raised on High St. with my Mom and 7 brothers. They are all gone now. I still have grandchildren and nieces and nephews there and love to come home for a visit.

What is your married name? = Darlene Zoller | darlenezol@aol.com

Maiden name = Ponist

Years in Duquesne = 1957-1980

Where do you live now? = Vernon, CT

Comments = Thanks for the blog–great to be reminded of growing up in Duquesne. Went to school at Holy Trinity/Duquesne Catholic then DHS.

Dated Jim Judy–a great guy who was taken from us way too soon.

Best friends with Kathi Kovaks who died at 15. Needless to say not all my memories of Duquesne are good.

Danced and taught at Pat’s Dance Studio–great memories there. Worked at Steel Valley Travel on Grant Avenue. How many people knew Duquesne had a Travel Agency–or needed one?

Being able to walk around Kennywood without paying an admission. Spent many summer nights there.

Shopping at Sally Fashion and being able to say “put that on my account.” No charge card–no signature–just your word.

LOVED my parent’s house on 2nd St. Hate to see the condition it is in now. When did people just stop caring?? So sad.

What is your name? = Carl Rumble | cer1944@epix.net

Years in Duquesne = 1944 to 1962

Where do you live now? = Lawrenceville, Pa

Comments = This really brings back some memories to read some of the names and places.

What is your married name? = Joanne Matthews | kdmat@zoominternet.net

Maiden name = Carr

Years in Duquesne = 1941 to 1962

Where do you live now? = West Sunbury, Pa.

Comments = Jim, I am your cousin!

What is your married name? = Lois Mann Phippen | lphippen@attnet

Maiden name = Churchman

Years in Duquesne = I lived in Highland Grove in McKeesport 1927

Where do you live now? = Gravette, Arkansas

Comments = I enjoy your blog. I have wondered if your father was Steve, then I knew when you mentioned your cousins. My brother Clell was married to your Aunt Barbara. So,my niece and nephew Kathy and Bud are your cousins too. You are a very talented writer, Jim. God bless you, and keep up the good work. Lois Phippen.

My full name is Lois Churchman Mann Phippen.

What was your first and last name when you lived in Duquesne = Sara (Sally) Cusick

What is your married name? = Brown, Sara

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1941 – 1967

Where are you now? = Santee, CA

Your Email Address = sarabrown2008@gmail.com

Questions, Comments and Feedback = I have always considered myself very blessed to have grown up in Duquesne…of course, I didn’t know it at the time

What was your first and last name when you lived in Duquesne = Deanne Harris

What is your married name? = Seese

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1945-1978 & 1992-2008

Where are you now? = White Oak, PA

Your Email Address = dseese1150@comcast.net

Questions, Comments and Feedback = St. Joseph School, grad 1 thru 8 I was Edwina Harris. Grade 9 at Duquesne Jr. High I was still Edwina Harris. Grade 10 thru 12 I used Deanne Harris

What was your first and last name when you lived in Duquesne = Betty Pucci

What is your married name? = Rubinsak

When did you live in Duquesne? = 1950 thru 1964 then again in 1970 to 1977

Where are you now? = West Mifflin, Pa

Questions, Comments and Feedback = I love reminiscing about the “Good Old Days” in Duquesne. What a great place to grow up. I grew up in the 3rd Ward on Oak Street. Everyone knew everyone and you could go “downstreet” (That’s what we called going shopping down on 1st street) We walked everywhere and we were not afraid. Does anyone remember the dress shop that was located on the corner of 2nd St and Grant Ave?

It was not always Adler’s. The State Store was next to “Elsie’s” on Grant Ave in the 60’s. Lemon phosphates and cherry cokes at all the “drug stores” that had soda fountains. Schultz’s Restaurant had the best stew. My Gramma cooked there and I got to eat there as a small child. What a treat.

In addition to the feedback forms that have been sent in by all of you, I have also received some great comments, feedback and input from various Facebook groups as well:

Laurie Schulte

9:31pm Jul 6

International Village at Renzie is still going strong!

Georgenne Kacik

9:30pm Jul 6

Remember all the fireworks at Kennywood…..each of the Nationality Days held special fireworks also…loved watching them and miss that a lot. Also I miss the International Village every year in Renzie. I wonder if that still goes on……..been many years since I have been back to Duquesne.

J Dennis Pocsatko

9:24pm Jul 5

Don’t forget fireworks at Kennywood. At 11:00 we’d climb Doney St to the area by the water tank. There would be all our neighbors and the kids in jammies to watch the fireworks from Kennywood. Good days.

Dave Hussey

1:13pm Jun 28

I long forgot about the the Stooges being at KWP. Thanks for the memory.

Dave Gaydos

2:00pm Jun 27

Popeye and Bluto, Three Stooges, Lone Ranger….Gr8 memories of the Starvue Plaza Stage

Martina Estochin Hull

11:54am Jun 26

I always loved WTAE day.

David Jerome Marks

9:50pm Jun 24

I met the Lone Ranger and The Three Stooges at Kennywood! I wonder what happened to my silver bullet! That must have been 1961.

Kenneth Kracinovsky

10:50am Jun 15

remember digging for coins in sawdust up in parking lot

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16 Responses to Voices from Duquesne – July 2011 – Chapter 2

  1. James Carr says:

    My name is James Carr i was born on October 28th 1983. I never found my father James “Jimmy” Carr, I was born in Manchester Connecticut any help would be great, my biological mothers name is Thea King.

    • stanbel says:

      I was raised just a block from the Carr residence. Jimmy was just a little older than me. we played from time to time. His father was fire chief in Duquesne when I was growing up. Jimmy had an older sister, I believe her name is Margaret. She worked for U.S. Steel Duquesne works. I left Duquesne in ’65 and pretty much lost touch. Try getting in touch with Rosemary Denne, she lived and lives across the street from the Carr residence, she is Duquesne City Treasurer. Another approach might be Frank (Buddy) Kopriver. His dad was mayor in Duquesne in that time frame and they lived on the same street about 4 houses down. Please let me know what you find out, Jimmy was a good guy. I’ll see if my mother has any recollection.
      Stan Belback

  2. Don "champ' Early says:

    I am a grad of homestead high school in 1955. I played basketball for Chick DAVIES. Matter of fact- homestead,duquesne and mckessport were all part of WPIAL SECTION 6. i had many friends from DUQUESNE back them. I attended penn state during my freshman year in 1956 then I relocated to southern california in 1960 . i do remember a great athlete basketball and swimmer WOODY MOORE, and a1955 graduate whose dad was on the police force during that period.Her name at that time was Jean Jefferie and i use to be with the great Porky Chedwick at WHOD/WAMO during that time recording with Sonny Gilmore& THE PREMIERS and also recording with the SABRES (CALYPSO BABY) where all the guys were from Braddock except me…I was the only one from Homestead.
    i dont get back to “the burgh” often but I know that area that included steel mills and the 68 street car made me who I am today including hard work and being blessed to retired twice from corporate America

    Don Early
    san diego,ca.

    • Woody Moore says:

      Hello “Champ”
      I do remember you from way back in the day. ,Just celebrated my 75th and doing well

      • don early says:

        Can you imagine it has been over 55 years since we’ve seen each other. In 1963, I was in Kansas City,Mo. at a NAIA basketball game and I heard the voices of at least 5 women say in unison “Hay Champ”. After the game, someone from the coaches staff came in the dressing room and said that there were some people to see me. I was Jean Jefferie, from Duquesne who was teaching high school in KC. She graduated from Central State. I remember that she had a sister named Janet and their dad was on the police force.

        i came out here to San Diego and went to work for General Dynamics Corp. during the time when the airplane industry was big in So.Cal
        I have my autobiography that will be out in the Fall. It’s entitled “AND THEN MY SON” which is from KIPLING’S poem ‘IF’
        e-mail me when you get a chance at demona7@juno.com
        I appreciated hearing from you.
        Your friend always

        Don “champ” Early

  3. Ronald M. Macosko says:

    Yep, it’s Woodys Drug Store at 23 N. First St.
    I know because………..I OWNED IT !!!!
    Ron Macosko RPh

    • Jim says:

      Wow!! I seriously feel like we’ve got a legend sharing memories with us! Welcome and thanks for the confirmation. Also, thanks for the time you kept the history going. I’m honored.

    • Barry Long says:

      Ron: I had just landed in Maguire, on a flight from Spain [about 1965] & i noticed you reading the name tag on my luggage that a cab driver had put on the sidewalk. I think you & I ended up at dinner & agreeing how small the world is when 2″ Duquesne Hunkys” make contact on a sidewalk in NEW JERSEY. I got to a couple reunions & asked around about your wear-abouts & heard you had a Drug Store out towards the Golf Course. I’m home at 445 Seaside Ave.APT.# 4215, Honolulu HI.96815 NOV thru May & home at 14266 122nd Ave.N.E. KIRKLAND WA.98034,Jun thru Oct.(808)931-3333. This is a Seattle suburb.I’ll golf this week with Rome Sikora, Woody Moore {your class?}& a new guy named May that we met off this BLOG from Duquesne.[10 years younger]. We wear our Duquesne Golf hats & a shirt Pete Spanitz gave me when I ran into him at the Hawaii Yacht Club Bar with Jerry Skweres. Petes from West Miff & Jerrys from Duquesne {he died last April],He & his wife Joanie came to Oahu every winter till 2010.

  4. Barry Long says:

    The drugstore interior is WOODY’S. I think B. GALLAGHER got a bunch of old postcards from Woody’s when they closed & that photo was on one of them. Others were the Methodist Church on Kennedy & 6th St, the mill looking down Library St,& other views of Duquesne.

  5. Don Madak says:

    Can you identify the picture to the right of Isaly’s ? Could it be Butler’s Drug Store ? Dosen’t look like Gallagher’s to me ?? I used to work at Butler’s back in HS ( DHS class of 1960 ) Keep up the good work !

    • Jim says:

      I believe it was identified as the interior of Woody’s Drug Store on 1st Street. I am not sure if it was the Woody’s that was near The Plaza OR perhaps the when it was located at the corner of 1st Street and Hamilton Ave. Mayby someone can help.

  6. Linda L. (Negley) Gibb says:

    Hi Sharlene (Carr) Francis,
    This is your long lost cousin, Linda (Negley) Gibb. Boy what a shock when I found you on here! I don’t want to post my Email add. here but I will put my phone # up & if you would please call me we can hang up & I’ll call you back cause I have practically free long distance. I sure would like to talk to you & get caught up with your family. I did NOT know that your Dad had passed away till I read it on here. My mother has not done a good job of keeping up with the relatives. I keep asking her if she knew where you &/or the Yeager cousins were & she doesn’t have a clue.. We live in FL now. My phone # is:352-259-0258. Please call me in the evening. I’m up most nights till 6AM. Wow, I’m so excited to have finally found you.
    Waiting to hear from you,

  7. Barry Long says:

    Jim i wrote & filled out my e-mail address (for your last blog) & it won’t SUBMIT because a safari window drops which says PUT A VALUE ON YOUR E-MAIL?????????? I’ve asked around & nobody including me, knows what that means.????? I can’t send it!!!!!!!

  8. Joe Haver says:

    Continue to be amazed how much i have forgotten about Duquesne. Thanks for all of your work in digging this stuff up.

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