Extra! Extra! Duquesne Headlines!

Thanks to Jim Hartman from the Mifflin Historical Society, I have found a wonderful resource to research all types of history about Duquesne. In order to be able to allow you to read the various stories, I will provide a brief “snapshot” of the story and a link for you to click on and connect to the story. The stories are primarily from old Pittsburgh Press and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspapers. I certainly hope that you’ll enjoy these tidbits of local news! Be sure to let me know if you enjoy these articles!


I love this story about life in Duquesne from the January 17, 1941 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The headlines boast ‘THE REVIVAL REACHES DUQUESNE!” There are two full pages of photos and articles about Duquesne’s mills and how they were experiencing a resurgence. We all know the current conditions in Duquesne today, so it was so nice to read about a time when life was great. Remember to click on the blue  “CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE” after each picture to read the stories.



I hope you enjoy the stories. Please make sure you let me know if you’d like more. Keep reading my friends!

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4 Responses to Extra! Extra! Duquesne Headlines!

  1. Laurine E. says:

    I enjoyed the articles very much. Just wish the crease hadn’t taken out part of the articles on the left side. That page was from 12 years before I was born, but many of the names are still familiar. I can’t remember which Kowallis brother was “Docky” who became the senior high superintendent, but I think it must have been George who became a doctor (hence “Docky”). Does anyone know?

    Keep up the good work. And extra thanks to Jim Hartman for allowing you access to his archives.

    • Jim says:

      Laurine, thanks for the feedback! I noticed the crease on the page as well and only wish I could have done something to fix it. Also, I wish the pictures were more detail as well, but Google didn’t as for my opinion…. oh well.

      • Jim Hartman says:

        Remember the original newspapers were photographed for microfilm quite a few years after they were actually published. If the papers were folded and there were creases you get creases. If the original photo was a bad printing you get a bad copy. We have the Duquesne, Clairton & Homestead (the project for the Homestead papers is not complete as yet probably by the end of this summer.) at our reference room in the West Mifflin Borough building. Remember if the original was bad you get bad — if good you get good!

    • Colleen Byrne Travis says:

      I enjoyed the articles. One of them is from the day my older brother, Tommy was born January 17, 1941. My dad worked in the open hearth, He never got drafted to the war because he was making steel.

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