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Voices from Duquesne – Part 3

Once again, I am thrilled to be hearing from so many current and former Duquesne area residents. As always, I invite you to click on the first link under BLOG ROLL (in the right hand column of this page) titled … Continue reading

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A Duquesne Monday

This morning as I got ready to go to the office, I decided to dress casually. It was the weekend and I didn’t enjoy having to work on a Saturday, but it was one of those necessary evils. I went … Continue reading

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Extra! Extra! Duquesne Headlines!

Thanks to Jim Hartman from the Mifflin Historical Society, I have found a wonderful resource to research all types of history about Duquesne. In order to be able to allow you to read the various stories, I will provide a … Continue reading

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Movin’ On Up to Duquesne Place

As I was growing up, Duquesne Place was always held in high regard by many of the residents of Duquesne, my parents included. Living in Duquesne Place was viewed the same as living in New York City’s Upper East Side. … Continue reading

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