Happy Birthday to the Man!

Happy Birthday Dad! I tried to make today special for you, however it was interrupted by the worst thing ever, the dentist, so I wasn’t able to get to the movies. But the movie you and I would go see doesn’t come out until the 18th, so I’ll wait and go then. Don’t worry I’ll still get the popcorn and soda (shhh don’t tell mom). I lit the candle that burned after your funeral. Today I poured you and I a glass of coffee and made us your favorite, toast. Then I did your morning ritual and unloaded the dishwasher. After that I started on your famous Broccoli Potato Cheddar Soup. Mom and I went to the dentist (better me than you, right?) And they figured out what was wrong (seems to be something they did, not me!) So I have to go back, AGAIN. After that me, Mom, Megan, Andy, Jackson, and Mason went to dinner (Dave was on his way). We then went to mass for you and I did my very best to stay focused, but you know that’s not my strong suit. To finish off your birthday I watched The Greatest Showman while eating your soup, and in your socks. Then you know I had to bring out the Christmas tree for you. It’s not fully decorated but you and Lily are on it. Speaking of which I hope she’s with you! I love you so much, on to your favorite time of year!!

PS to all his readers I have blog up soon! I promise!

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25 Responses to Happy Birthday to the Man!

  1. Eileen Smith says:

    I truly miss the Duquesne Hunky! May He Rest In Peace!

  2. Jack Berta says:

    Abby, thanks for the lovely post. Miss your dad’s posts. Happy belated birthday Jim.

  3. So very nice hearing how you celebrated your Dad’s birthday
    I know he enjoyed spending the day with you as well.
    Wishing your dad a very “heavenly ” birthday.
    Please keep.up the birthday tradition…it’s such a special tribute to a man who loved you so. much❤️

  4. Rolfe Williams Smith says:

    Thank you so much for your thoughts about your dad and I will look forward to the upcoming blog.
    I grew up on 6th street, just three houses down from the Methodist Church. I am told by someone that the house has been torn down, but that will not erase the great memories of of my youth in Duquesne.

  5. Lolly Volk says:

    Such a beautiful way to remember your beloved dad, Abby. He is definitely with you and I know he is delighted with the traditions you continue to uphold. So glad you and family went out for a special dinner and went to Mass, too. Your dad is a saint in my book for sure! Love, Aunt Lolly

  6. Barbara Ruhe says:

    Beautiful tribute to your Dad. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to your writing.

  7. E says:

    Wonderful! We always appreciate your posts. Your Dad is missed… his writings and historical PA perspectives enlightened us and connected us.
    You honor his memory.-

  8. Sharyn Manns says:

    A lovely & loving tribute to your dad. We are going to have our 2nd Christmas without husband, father, grandfather & greatgrandfather – Richard N. Manns – son of Lawrence Manns owner of Manns Bros. grocery in Duquesne. Enjoyed your dad’s stories & all the comments of “the way it was”.

  9. Vickie Little says:

    nice memorial to you dad. Thank you for sharing Happy birthday to your dad in Heaven

  10. Dona says:

    Please post his favorite broccoli cheese recipe
    Miss his blogs

  11. Judy lochner says:

    So nice to see the words Duquesne Huntley. Lived on Lincoln Ave. Sure isn’t like when I lived there. It’s a real mess. Always enjoyed your dads post. Will look forward to yours. God bless Duquesne. Judy kray lochner

  12. Dennis Stanko says:

    Happy Heavenly Birthday, Jim!

  13. Colleen Byrne Travus says:

    Too sweet. I went to Holy Name School. I was the year between your uncle Steve and your dad. They were nice kids and grew up to be nice men.

  14. Dennis Kuzma says:

    Thank-you for this most welcome post, you seem to have inherited your dad’s gift for writing. Wishing the best to you & family.

  15. Blanche Prokop Francetic says:

    It was 28 years ago my Dad left us. He will always be remembered as lovingly as you remember yours. A beautiful tribute, thank you for sharing.
    A former Duquesne Hunky! Graduated in 1952.

  16. Paulette Buchignani says:

    I was surprised to find this in my emails, happily surprised! Thank you for sharing.

  17. paula bernadette says:

    Awww – Cherished!

  18. Dear Jim,

    What a lovely tribute to your dad. My mom left Pittsbugh for heaven in 2020, although I think Pgh is heaven enough. Thanks gor writing this.

  19. Legler Jennifer says:

    God bless him and all of you.

  20. Gregory Moran says:

    Always enjoyed reading your dad’s posts. Those of us from Duquesne have fond memories of his stories.

  21. Tom Jordan says:

    Enjoyed your Dad’s “Duquesnehunky” and your fond memories. Very nice.
    Left Duquesne in 1961.

  22. Lorrie Smith says:

    A beautiful tribute. Thank you for sending. We miss him too!

  23. Denise Waddle says:

    Beautiful tribute. So miss your dad

  24. bornyek says:

    Jim’s loving daughter, I was born just a block away from where you lived in West MIfflin.  I was born in the Krotos’s home at the cornor of Mifflin Street and Kennedy Ave.  The Krotos Family owned the trailer park there on Mifflin Street.  Did you know Theresa Krotos?  She awakened my interest in girls. You had such a loving family.  Thank you for remembering your dad on his birthday with such memorable thoughts. Sincerely, George Bornyek Below is my graphic #27 of the ‘Saudi Shifting Sands’ Secrets’ Series, Detail, and the Saudi Petroglyph from which it was created.

    • Dennis Stanko says:

      My mom and her family owned 1416 Kennedy Avenue from 1925 to 1995. I grew up there. Thats across the street from Krotos’ house. Dennis Stanko.

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