The love inside – you take it with you.

There’s a final line in the movie “Ghost” when the recently departed Sam (played by Patrick Swayze) tells his very much alive girlfriend (played by Demi Moore) “The love inside – you take it with you.” The purpose of this post is to just confirm that for the vast majority of us who grew up in the Duquesne – West Mifflin area, we carry a love for our childhood home. See if you agree.

I received the awesome photograph and email below from a former West Mifflin- Duquesne resident, Tony Pinkovsky. The photo was taken at the previously named Duquesne Country Club located off of Commonwealth Avenue in West Mifflin. The County Club is under new ownership and is now named WestWood.

Here’s a tidbit of information that I just came to realize. Most of the main roads in Duquesne that would crossover into West Mifflin Borough would change names at the point of intersection. For example; Crawford Ave. would become Pennsylvania Ave., Kennedy Ave. would become Texas Ave., Grant Ave. becomes Homestead Duquesne Rd., Duquesne Blvd. turns into Kennywood Blvd, etc. However the only road that continues with the same name from Duquesne into West Mifflin is Commonwealth Ave. Interestingly enough, When Commonwealth Ave. intesects with Homestead Duquesne Rd. in West Mifflin, it suddenly changes to Briery Lane. I wonder why? Any clues?

Duquesne Golf Course 12-25-2017

Photograph by Tony Pinkovsky

Well another great Christmas visit at home in West Mifflin.  I no longer live there but I was born and raised there.  Dad worked at Duquesne Works, and I can still remember like it was yesterday.  

Back in the 70’s we would get hammered with snow, the streets would be covered and us kids would go out to shovle snow to earn a buck or two.  Then when night came we would go sled ridding at the Duquesne Golf Course, not sure if it was legal, but we never got kicked off.  Then back home to enjoy some hot cocoa and tell Mom what we did all day.  

Dad would come home, read the Daily News paper, eat dinner and turn in after a hard days work at the mill.  On Christmas day we would go Saint Peters and Paul Church then visit relatives and sit around and talk.  

We had a tradition where we would wash our hands in a bowl filled with coins and water; the prayer was that we would have money throughout the year.  But times have changed, Mom’s still alive but Dad is no longer with us.  My sister and her family came over for Christmas and we washed our hands once again, but I still long for the yesteryears of the past, but am grateful I got to grow up in West Mifflin and Duquesne, what a great place to experience life.

Tony Pinkovsky

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13 Responses to The love inside – you take it with you.

  1. Tony Pinovsky says:

    Ken, yes my Dad did workout at the library, he passed in 2013. I wrote the article this past Dec.

    • kEN dENNE says:

      Another fellow that worked out with your dad..Red (can;t think of his last name)

      • tony pinkovsky says:

        I think is was Machasko, I seen Red at my Dads funeral. And many years ago, I was present at Red’s house, he and my Dad were working out in his basement.

  2. bornyek says:

    Jim, Nice letter and magnificent picture. Mr. Reed, Mary France Reed’s (she was one of my dance partners) dad who worked at the Bank at First St and Grant Avenue played golf at the Duquesne Country Club. I never knew where it was until now. Mr. Reed was hauled off to prison in handcuffs exiting the bank and on TV for embezzlement. He died in prison.  His wife Margarette died a year later and I have no idea what happened to Mary Frances. Happy New Year, George Bornyek

  3. Robert McCabe says:

    I lived in Duquesne on Auriles St. from 1946 to 1952 when my Dad was transferred to the Gary. Indiana USS Tube Works. It was the best time in my life. I lived next to the Vukoviches, Novasels and Salopeks. I when to school across the street at St. Joseph’s. In the winter one year they blocked Kennedy Ave.. They had hay bales at the bottom. In the summer is was all day at a place we called Green Hills. We spent all day! We collected pop bottles for deposit and tops and sold them to the junk man for a couple of dimes we used at the penny candy store on Grant Avenue. Most of my fiend have passes, Tommy McLaughlin and Ronnie Fitzhenry in Hazelwood where I kived with my Dad’s mother while my Dad was frighting in Europe from 1942 to1946, I finally located my besr fiend who told me I really did not remember mush before he was 10. It was a blow! I would give anything to have those years back. I love the articles! they bring back many valued memories.

  4. John (Jack) Berta DHS '62 says:

    Vesele Vianoce a St’astny Novy Rok
    Thanks Jim for the new post. I always look forward to them and I’ve come to realize that I’m always excited to read the replies that are generated by them. I can relate to many of them. Yes, you can take the boy/girl out of Duquesne but you can’t take Duquesne out of them.

    Vy a rasa Rodina mat zdrave a St’astny Novy Rok
    May you and your family have a Healthy and Happy New Year

    • Tony Pinovsky says:

      John, do you have any pictures of Duquesne, that you can share on this site?

      • John (Jack) Berta DHS '62 says:

        Tony, Yes I have pictures of Duquesne. I would need help sharing them. Maybe Jim can tell me how to get them to him so he can post them. Where did you live in Duquesne and what year did you graduate? I lived on Hill St. across from the Crawford/JFK elementary school.

  5. Colleen Byrne Travis says:

    Truly, a great place to experience life. I remember Woody’s in Duquesne. We Miffliners caught the Homestead-Duquesne bus there. I also remember sled riding at Duquesne Golf Club. By the way, it was legal. I see my West Mifflin, Duquesne and Holy Name friends occasionally. It is always so much fun to reminisce. I had a great childhood growing up there.

  6. Ronald Macosko RPh. says:

    Hi Tony, I grew up in Duquesne and lived across the street from your dad and his family on Priscilla Ave. I remember playing ball with your dad in the field behind their property. Also remember your aunts, Mary (Marka), Ann (Annka), and Dolores (Dolly). We all played together as kids growing up. Your dad was a good athlete, excelled in track and field, also was a body builder in his younger days.
    I became a pharmacist and opened WOODY’S Drug Store in the Mifflin Manor Shopping Center in October of 1960. I remember your family living in Royal Highlands in the house that bordered #12 fairway of Duquesne Golf Club. You were just a youngster at that time as I recall. You might not remember me, but those were great years………Best to you and your family.

    • Tony Pinkovsky says:

      Thanks Mr. Macosko, I do remember you, thanks for the nice comments about my Dad. I still remember as a kid walking from my Dads house to St Peter and Paul on Saturday mornings to at attend Catechism, and then going to Bill the barber to get a hair cut, good times. Ron, keep the memories alive, thanks again, Happy Holidays.

  7. Cheeryl Wilson says:

    Those were great days. Now if you have not been back, there are large homes being built on the
    front property of the golf course. Also when there was a large snow, the City of Duquesne use to put up horses on a lot of the ally’s top and bottom along with slag from the mill. What great memories of a Great town, now all is just a ghost town.

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