Eastland’s Slag Dump

This morning, one of our friends, Jack Schalk commented on my recent post –  Eastland – Always on our Minds

I left Duquesne in 1959 and never had a knowledge of Eastland or its environs. In my mind, I can’t even place the location from a map of the site. Cory Werling (above) mentioned that he could see Eastland from the top of Kennedy Ave in the evening and I just can’t relate to this vision. Does anyone have an older photo of the site prior to development as viewed from Duquesne?

Thanks to another of our friends, Bob Vislay, DHS Class of ’69, Jack and others can get a clear perspective of where the slag dump and eventually Eastland was located.

This is a picture looking down W. Grant Ave after the tornado of 1956:



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6 Responses to Eastland’s Slag Dump

  1. Jack Schalk says:

    Thanks Bob for pointing this out.
    I remember the dump but never saw the mall and your photo certainly helped bring it to life.

  2. Shawn says:

    That’s a great picture.

  3. Bob Chermonitz says:

    Wow! I remember this. Totally forgot about. Great picture. Thanks, Bob V.

  4. Stephen Vajs says:

    Ahh, those yellow helmets! I still have my Dad’s. He used to say that you could tell how big a breakdown in the Duq Works was by counting the yellow hats wandering around.

  5. HELEN MOCHAN says:

    I sent you an Email some months back telling you about   the once  giant hole that  became the Eastland Shopping Mall.   My husband ( late Michael Mochan)  and other hired employee’s  worked for  John Sopko    and partner Pete Markstein  whose business was receiving  countless trucks  filled with slag from the Steel Mill   and  then delivered  and dumped in  the giant hole that eventually became The Eastland Shopping Mall. I wished we had photos of what was once a giant of a hole but I don’t.  John Sopko was the husband of Michaels sister Barbara who  just a few weeks ago passed away at age 96.  Sadly no one thought of taking photo’s of that Dump.  I look forward to reading all THE DUQUESNE HUNKY NEWS. The town of Duquesne once was also populated with several Serbian Families and the Duquesne Serbian Club was a favorite social club for  first generation Serbian ‘Gals and Guys’  The late Alex Medich,  tried very hard to hold on to the Duquesne Serb Club but  the second generation of Serbs was more into the Rock and Roll Music.  However the South Side Serbian Club is still thriving and so too is the Tamburitzan Groups in the Pittsburgh area. Thank you for Duquesne Hunky….KEEP IT UP! Helen Drakulic Mochan

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