Where Are Albert’s Friends? – Duquesne High School Classmate

It’s time to pull together and pull all of our resources to find classmates for a Duquesne High School graduate. Some months ago, I was contacted by a young lady who was trying to find some of her grandfather’s high school friends. Here’s the information I have:

  • Amanda Opalko is looking for friends of her grandfather ALBERT OPALKO
  • ALBERT OPALKO was part of Duquesne High School’s Class of 1952
  • ALBERT will be turning 80 years old on his next birthday.

I was able to locate the list of graduates in the Class of 1952 from an article published in the Duquesne Times on June 5, 1952. If you were a member or know anyone who was, please encourage them to respond to this post and send some Happy Birthday greetings to one of Duquesne’s native sons. (If you click on the image below, you should be able to see a larger version.)




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10 Responses to Where Are Albert’s Friends? – Duquesne High School Classmate

  1. Helen Lizanov says:

    Happy Birthday Albert! God willing, my 80th will be next January. We just visited “back home” this month for a family reunion. The last Class of 52 reunion we attended was the 50th in 2002. Good memories!
    Helen Figlar Lizanov
    Missouri City, Texas

  2. Ken Denne (55) says:
  3. Donald R Ruhl says:

    Hi Albert, Hope you are doing well, I had my 80th in Feb.2014. It seems like just yesterday the class of 52 graduated. I hope you have a happy, Healthy and Blessed Birthday.
    Don Ruhl, Gloucester, VA

  4. aopalko says:

    Any names and addresses are appreciated!
    Amanda Opalko.

  5. Jack Schalk says:

    One of the graduates from this class was Edward “Eddie” Schorr.
    When I knew him he lived on Kennedy Ave adjacent to Dr. Umholtz office.
    I recd. a call from Eddie, out of the blue, and he asked me if I was the Jack that he knew.
    We spent about 2 mins. on the phone confirming this and told me he lived in Linesville, Pa. and then he hung up. Haven’t heard a word since.

  6. Leslie Moffat Cox says:

    Happy Birthday! I noticed my Aunt Carole Joy Jacobs’ name I this article. She was my beloved aunt. She passed away in 2005.

  7. Tony Chepanoske says:

    Lou Karbowiak is alive and well in Liberty Borough. He currently is Treasurer at the Teutonia Mannerchor and Social Club in Duquesne (GBU)

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