I’ll Be Back

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to let you know that I will be back with all of you in a few days. My wife Judy had surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital on Tuesday (Valentine’s Day) and will be here until Sunday or Monday. The surgery was successful, but took over 8 hours. We’re all pretty exhausted right now but she’s on the road to recovery.

While the surgery was going on, I browsed the archives and I found a few articles and photos that I thought you might enjoy reading from The Duquesne Times. The following article appeared 60 years ago in a column titled “High School News”:


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6 Responses to I’ll Be Back

  1. Bob Chermonitz says:

    God bless you and Judy. Hope her recovery goes well. Will keep you two in my prayers.

  2. Diann M. Topley says:

    Believe it or not I have many fond memories of the Burns Heights Housing project. My Grandma Kilen’s home was on Walnut St. which was on the west side (I think) of the projects. Her house sat on a long narrow lot that was fenced in. There were fruit trees, roses, and a vegetable garden in her plot of land. Residents of the projects would wander over to my grandma’s home and chat with my Grandma leaning on her fence. She fed many families from her vegetable garden including her grandchildren. How many children today get to experience the fragrance of roses while sitting in the gardewn eating tomatoes off the vine followed by a dessert of loganberries?

  3. Jack Schalk says:

    I second Barry’s sentiments Jim. I hope your wife is mending.

    The article on High School News was like reading a list of who’s who from my graduating class of 1954.
    Chuck Skalicki was mentioned in the article as being elected class treasurer that year and I really enjoyed him. Fast forward 50 years to a Fall football day at Notre Dame ( I live within site of the Golden Dome). I’m raking leaves from my front lawn and a car with Pa. plates stops and asks about a place to park. As soon as he spoke I asked if he was from Pittsburgh and after two sentences we found we were both from Duquesne. The man was Chuck Skalickis younger brother that graduated DHS in 56.
    His offspring are all NDamers and they now park in my yard for most of the home games, as a matter of fact, they held a family reunion there 5 years ago.
    Another name of interest in that article was Dot Vehec. She was my favorite dancing partner in high school. She made even me look good.

  4. Gene Sabolcik says:

    Being with Judy right now is a million times more important than writing the blog. My prayers and good vibes are going out to both of you. Hang in there buddy!!

  5. Paula Goldman Smith says:

    Hugs and prayers Jim and Judy… I hope all will be well.

  6. Barry Long says:

    Jim: I hope your wife mends well from her hospital ordeal. My thoughts & prayers for you both.

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