A Cause For Celebration – Hunky Halloween!

Occasionaly, I like to post articles that I think you might enjoy. As I was checking out The Duquesne Times, I came across the following picture and article about Halloween. The picture was published in 1951 and the article in 1959.

I don’t recall the events myself, but it sounds like the type of event that the good people of Duquesne would embrace. I hope you enjoy!

I would be very curious if you are among the children pictured in this 1951 photo. (To bad they didn’t have “spell check” in 1951. It looks like Halloween is mispelled twice. Once in the headline and once in the caption!) But, that makes it special. Since the caption is somewhat difficult to read, allow me to clarify:

Local adults and youngsters, bag in had, went door to door Haloween night for handouts from their generous neighbors. In the photo above looking for the “birdie” are Mrs. George Sabol, and sones George, Michael and Richard; Mrs. Chas. Miller, Mrs. John Connolly and children John and Joseph; Barbara Johnson, Ronnie Marko, MIchael Dennis Banik, and Patricia Nagy.

In the lower photo are Marjorie, Martha and Richard Jakubovics, Evelyn and Audrey Gracan, Michael Derkota, Barbara Bobuk, Eileen Benny, David and Judith Bartko, George and Richard Taylor, Jackie Dillinger, Joseph Black and Frank Barazda.

The article belows outlines a big Halloween event that took place in 1959. It sounds like an exciting time!


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4 Responses to A Cause For Celebration – Hunky Halloween!

  1. Don Madak says:

    This prompted me to pull out an old family photo album. In 1948, I was in kindergarden at Crawford school. All of my class dressed as “Bumble Bees “. The Crawford kindergarden float was built on a dump truck and had a giant bee hive in the center. It was well decorated ! We all waved at the crowds watching the parade on Grant Ave.The picture that my Dad took was as the parade proceeded up Grant Ave.He had it blown up to an 8 x 10. This was a big deal and I remember a lot of floats in the parade that year.
    Thank you for the great memories and keep them coming !
    Don Madak
    Atlanta, GA

  2. Sandi (Tovlin) Kaselonis says:

    Sure brings back memories. I remember participating in a couple of Halloween parades.

    I enjoyed reading the article. My best friend’s (Rita) dad was Chief Weir. I knew of several of the people mentioned in the article.

    Are you sure the picture was taken in 1951? I have a cousin, Michael Durkota, but I think he’d have been too young to have been in the (lower) picture in 1951.

    Thanks, Jim, for all of your time & energy in getting these messages out. They jog my memory and bring a smile to my face!

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