A Week In Our Lives

A week in our lives……

I thought you might enjoy a diversion from my ramblings. I was just looking through the issues of The Duquesne Times that Joe Hartman from The Mifflin Historical Society provided to me. It dawned on me that each issue provided a wonderful snapshot into our lives in Duquesne. We are so overwhelmed today with the sensationalism of news stories these days, that reflections on simpler things are all but lost. So, in order to take you back to the days when it felt like Opie and Aunt Bea could have been part of a hunky family living in Duquesne, here are few tidbits from the Duquesne Times. If you enjoy an occasional throw-back like this, please comment and let me know.  Pour yourself a cold one, make a chipped ham sandwich, open a bag of Wise potato chips and enjoy. The time. . . . Week ending May 26, 1957:

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4 Responses to A Week In Our Lives

  1. Ed Kozarian jr says:

    Every one of your post brings back so many memories. Dom’s TV. Wow! I believe His last name was Toretti? Went to school with His Daughter.

  2. Laurine says:

    Thanks, Jim, i enjoyed the paper. Dom was our “electronics” supplier for many years. We purchased many TV’s, stereo’s, etc there. The wedding announcements are so different from today’s.

    Keep up the excellent work.

  3. Even though this was 2 years before i was born i really enjoyed reading these newspaper excerps really brings back memories from my home town. Thanky you and i hope to see more of these in the future.

  4. Harold West says:

    Thanks for posting the excerpts fom the Times do you know if the archive is online?

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