The Sound of Christmas

There is no Christmas song that immediately takes me back to Christmas in Duquesne as instantly as the carol “In a Manger Lowly.” I posted a video on this blog as well as YouTube, that I put together a few years ago. Yesterday, I received a comment from someone who viewed the video. They are the great great niece of the song’s composer! How wonderful is that?!

This recording of In a Manger Lowly is a selection from an album recorded by the Sisters of Saint Joseph at their mother house in Baden. They were sold at Holy Name School and my mother cherished every song. Enjoy!

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13 Responses to The Sound of Christmas

  1. Mary Jeanne (McCabe) Wiechelt says:

    My Dad, George McCabe, and his family loved this song. We all learned it at Holy Name School in Duquesne. Thank you!

  2. Mary Jeane (McCabe says:

    My dad, George McCabe, and the whole family loves this song. We kept this album in my home and my grown children loved it too. My cousin Margie Car, from Miller Street, sent us this link several years ago.

  3. Colleen Byrne Travis says:

    I remember that hymn
    so well.

  4. I remember being taught to sing this by Sister Patricia who was from the Sisters of Saint Joseph at Baden. And also singing it in the choir at St Joseph’s Church in Duquesne.

  5. I was taught this song by Sister Patricia Byrne who is a Sister of Saint Joseph from the Motherhouse in Baden PA. Wow, the happy tears this brings.

  6. joe sobeck says:

    jim thank you grewup at 140 zewe alley moved there in 1946 met rich he lived next door .we are steel best of buddies .we live about 2miles away from each outher .he turned me on to your blog awhile back .live ft. lauderdale last 36 years. duquesne was the best place ever to grow up in .know your dads shop my dad went there .dad was butcher at the a&p on first street until 1st street died.went on google earth got down to street level. was able to see .all the places we walked to while growing up kopervers is there just like the days pass remembered couldent wait to get old enough to drive .but that was the end of enjoying duquesne. now always going someweares else .found out all about ocean city md. and the wonderful ocean. my wife donna and I got married at snow hill near frontier town .1 of my best frends john moore was a indian dancer for many years. but hes gone now .enjoy all the menories this blog brings back thanks again keep up great work JOE SOBECK class of 1960

  7. Paul Francetic says:

    Hello! This is a wonderful E-Mail! I attended Holy Name from 1940 – 1948. Loved every minute.! This hymn was so special to me, it was played and sung at my wedding, Dec. 29,1954, Dearly loved all the nuns! Broke my heart to see the building had been torn down, I live in Ohio. The memories of Duquesne and Holy Name give me great joy!

    Is it still possible to get this hymn on C.D.?

    Thanks for this wonderful connection! You do a good job!!!

    Blanche Prokop Francetic


    • Jim says:

      You are still able to order the CD from The Sisters of Saint Joseph in Baden. The link to do so is:

      Merry Christmas

      Jim Volk

      • Delores Ondo says:

        How beautiful this entire album is. I have the CD of it. My sister was one of the many voices of the SSJ singing. Thank you so much for sharing this. Merry Christmas

  8. Lou Andriko says:

    Jim, I may have told you this on your earlier post. As I write this, I am holding a 50 year old original mimeograph of this lullaby which I have kept since I sang it in 8th grade with the boys choir at Midnight Mass at St Joseph’s. I have made xerox copies to use when I play it on the organ, here at home, and at our Parish. Our choir never sang it, but the melody is a favorite. Seems there was an “inter-parish ecumenical” connection five decades ago between our parishes.
    Great to hear it again. Merry Christmas!

  9. Debbie Stewart says:

    I remember this so well! Merry Christmas Jim!

  10. Lori Achtzehn says:

    Jim, How well I remember this song. It was my favorite and I was singing along with it. Thanks for sharing such a treasured memory. Merry Christmas!

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