Heading Home

Heading Home


I am very excited. I am leaving for a trip to Duquesne in just a few days. I was able to visit with some of my cousins recently when they were in town attending my daughter’s wedding on September 21st. However, the event is such a whirlwind, I could never think of it as spending quality time with any one of them. That short little visit from them only whetted my appetite to spend more time with them.

About 5 days ago, a nor’easter arrived here at the shore and decided to park itself and hang around for over five days now. We went from bright, very warm sunny days to windy, rainy and cooler days in less than 24 hours. Personally, I welcomed the change. The cool air, the leaves blowing around the yard with every wind gust, all reminded me of how much I enjoy fall and winter weather. It also motivated me even more to make a trip back to my home.

As excited as I am about heading back to Duquesne, part of my time there will be bittersweet, as I visit my Aunt Peggy. For those of you who have been reading my blog for some time, Aunt Peggy is the last surviving sibling on my father’s side of my heritage. She is the last of the eight children of George and Anna Volk from Adrian, PA still surviving. About a year ago, I shared Aunt Peg’s memoires about her childhood and her family in a post titled Blueberries on the Hill – A Love Story  (click on the title to read the post.) Sadly, Aunt Peg has been diagnosed with the same dreadful, memory robbing disease that plagued three of her siblings. I am hoping against hope that she will still remember me so that we can share some very valuable time with one another. Please pray for her.

Aunt Peggy loved to reminisce about her family, about the places she lived and just about anything. Perhaps that is where I learned to appreciate and value the all of life’s lessons that were part of my youth. With that said, I assure you that as long as you are reading my ramblings and recollections, I will continue to share them. I hope my trip to Duquesne provides me with more stories to share with you that will warm your hearts and bring a smile to your face as you recall all of the things you loved about our town.

Here’s to you Aunt Peg!

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8 Responses to Heading Home

  1. Bob Chermonitz says:

    Have a wonderful relaxing trip, Jim. I pray things go well with you aunt Peggy.

  2. Ken Denne says:

    I was the principal at Punxsutawney HS in early 90;s. We had students and several of my teachers were from Adrian..

  3. schaumb@comcast.net says:

    Hope you have a great visit and Aunt Peg will remember you fondly!  I love your blog!

  4. crissy says:

    have a great trip home jim!

  5. Jim sending prayers for your aunt and also for a safe trip…

  6. Lolly says:

    Love to Aunt Peg, Jimmy! Have a safe and memorable trip, too.

  7. pjangus says:

    Enjoy your time in Duquesne, Jim. Praying that your visit with Aunt Peggy goes well. Sometimes they surprise you; never know what memories might surface when she sees your smiling face!

  8. Jim thank you for all you do. Have always appreciated the uniqueness of growing up in Duquesne. That city made it possible for my parents to achieve their dreams of a better Life for their children. Additionally it provided the foundation for my brothers and sisters to achieve our goals and dreams. The adults of that city were commited to the success of the next generation. Your posts are great reminders of what’s most important in life.

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