To The Duquesne Dads

With love to all of the Duquesne Dads past and present!



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6 Responses to To The Duquesne Dads

  1. Jane Fulmer Pocsatko says:

    Thanks again,Jim. Duquesne Dads were very hard working , physically fit from all that time in the mill. My Dad appreciated his free time with his girls, even before it was the thing to do. We had a good life. If we didn’t have everything, we didn’t know it.

  2. Joe Haver says:

    Thanks Jim, back at you!!! You are a wonderful addition to my iPad experience. keep up the good work

  3. Lolly Volk says:

    …and a Happy Father’s Day to you, Jim. Hope it will be a 110 sort of day!

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  4. Colleen Byrne Travis says:

    Remember how most of our fathers busted their buts in that mill? My dad had a very hard job in the Open Hearth. It’s funny that none of them complained about torn rotator cuffs, bone on bone, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. That’s all you hear these days. What good would it have done to complain? They just went to work brought that pay check home every other Tuesday and supported their families. And, Steve Volk busted his but repairing most of their cars. Thanks Jim, I always enjoy reading your blog. Even if it does bring a tear now and then.

  5. Thanks Jim,
    Although I am from McKeesport, my step moms family is from Duquesne and my dad and step mom are buried in Duquesne and I spent much time in Duquesne. I had 2 very good friends from Duquesne, Cathy Gazda and Carol Ruhe (back in the early 1960’s and we still keep in touch on Facebook. I feel very much a part of Duquesne. Happy Fathers day to you and all the other fathers out there. Also, Happy Flag Day.

  6. Bob Chermonitz says:

    Jim another wonderful post. The older I get the quicker a tear forms. One just did. 😪

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