Voices from Duquesne – September 1, 2011

“The most beautiful discovery true friends make, is that they can grow separately without growing apart.” Elizabeth Foley

I’m a bit premature in publishing this post, but once again, I was amazed at the number of folks who have responded and wanted to try to connect with Duquesne friends. Responses in this post came from as far away as California, Washington State and Florida! It seems that you can find former Duquesne residents just about anywhere. We’ve even discovered ol’ friends as far away as New Zeland and Hawaii!


Before you begin to review some of the friends who have sent in their information and feedback, I thought you might enjoy a photo that I discovered in the Duquesne Times from November, 1959. How many people do you know???

Name = Tom McLaughlin                                                                                                              When did you live in Duquesne? = 1942-1963                                                                              Where are you now? = McCandless {Pgh) PA                                                                            Your Email Address = t.mac131@verizon.net

Questions, Comments and Feedback =


Enjoy your blog tremendously.

Here’s a few things I remember…every time it snowed, they used to barricade the alley between 6th and 7th streets from Kennedy to Grant, and slag the last 50 feet at Grant for us to sled ride.

I also remember roller skating at the arena than was down the road from Butler’s Drug.

I also set pins at St. Joseph’s and jerked sodas at Butlers.

I also will never forget the 2 to 3 times a week spent at the Kennywood swimming pool…I visit my dermatologist twice a year as a result. We used a wonderful sun screen made of baby oil and iodine. In retrospect, I guess this is like deep-frying our skin. 🙂


Name = Mike Bilcsik, lived in Duquesne Annex project                                                        When did you live in Duquesne? = 1941 till 1959, worked in mill from 64 until it closed.                                                                                                                                                  Where are you now? = Munhall PA and Labelle Florida                                                         Your Email Address = bilcsik@yahoo.com

Questions, Comments and Feedback =

WOW! Nice site. I just discovered it and haven’t yet explored it completely. I have a couple questions. I was president of the USWA local union 1256 and have direct experience with the mills closure. Is this the place to post them? I’m long retired and have no axes to grind, but not all my recollections of the Duquesne Works closing are positive.

If you think it’s appropriate I can write about starting the first food bank in Duquesne, both the good and the bad.

Thx, Mike Bilcsik

Reply: Mike, we’d love to hear from you. You can send your recollections to me at duquesnehunky@gmail.com!

Maiden Name = betty jean chase                                                                                            Married Name? = acquaviva                                                                                                        When did you live in Duquesne? = 1953-1974                                                                       Where are you now? = the villages, florida                                                                                 Your Email Address = bchase1306@aol.com

Maiden Name = Martina Estochin                                                                                          Married name = Hull                                                                                                                    When did you live in Duquesne? = 1956-1970                                                                               Where are you now? = Fayetteville, NC                                                                                      Your Email Address = hulldstina@gmail.com

Questions, Comments and Feedback =

Our family lived in Burns Heights – 27D – then moved to Edith Street then to Ferndale Avenue. I graduated in 1970, married my husband, then moved to McKeesport. I have wonderful memories of Duquesne and love the information I read on your site. I visit once a year and it does break my heart to see what Duquesne and surrounding communities has become. Thanks, Jim, for the memories.

Name = Tony Domek                                                                                                                    When did you live in Duquesne? = 1979-1995                                                                        Where are you now? = Sandy Lake, Pa                                                                                       Your Email Address = tdomek@facebook.com

Questions, Comments and Feeback =

Grew up in Polish Hill near Long’s Hauling. Some of my best memories are being a member at Duquesne EMS

Maiden Name = Irene Taczak                                                                                                          Maiden Name = Stang                                                                                                                  When did you live in Duquesne? = 1935 – 1957                                                                      Where are you now? = Whitehall, PA                                                                                           Your Email Address = irenestang@aol.com

Questions, Comments and Feedback =

I just love the reminiscing. Thank you Jim for all the great memories.

Maiden Name = Sandy Monkelis                                                                                            Married Name = O’Shersky                                                                                                        When did you live in Duquesne? = 1950-1968                                                                       Where are you now? = Seattle, WA                                                                                              Your Email Address = Seattlepastrygirl@gmail.com

Questions, Comments and Feedback =


I love this site I can’t believe the memories that come flooding back. My sister Debbie lives 40 miles from me and my brother Mel lives about 120 miles from me so we get to see each other frequently.

Reply – Hey folks, Sandy has a great blog all about baking and creating delicious pastries! To visit her blog, just click HERE!

Maiden Name = Deborah Perhac                                                                                           Married Name = May                                                                                                                    When did you live in Duquesne? = 1955-1975 1983-1985                                                    Where are you now? = Dravosburg, Pa 15034                                                                           Your Email Address = Flowersun@comcast.net

Questions, Comments and Feedback =

I grew up in Duquesne on south fourth street right up from the high school. I attended holy trinity school. Graduated from the high school in 1973. My mom still lives in Duquesne. It’s sad how Duquesne is now.

Name = Bernie Kotrady                                                                                                                 When did you live in Duquesne? = 1941- 1959                                                                       Where are you now? = Tampa,Fl                                                                                                 Your Email Address = bkdc908@gmail.com

Questions, Comments and Feedback =

I grew up in Duquesne. Lived on Goldstrum Lane, Earl St. and Sherman Ave. Hung out at the Hilltop Dairy & Burns Heights. Left to serve my Country in ’59 (USMC) and have only been back to visit family.

Maiden Name = Susie Dittman                                                                                               Married Name = Moody                                                                                                               When did you live in Duquesne? = 1958 – 1980                                                                     Where are you now? = Pittsburgh (McCandless/North Hills), PA

Name = Bernie Rusinko                                                                                                                When did you live in Duquesne? = 1947 to 1970                                                                    Where are you now? = Greensburg, Pa

Questions, Comments and Feedback =

Thanks for bringing back some good memories. Check this web site out if you would like to go back to Duquesne without leaving your desk. http://www.vpike.com  just type in an address and move around the town, most streets are on there.

Reply – Bernie, checked out vpike! Love it! Great site, thanks for sharing! – Jim

Name = John Popp                                                                                                                        When did you live in Duquesne? = 1940 -1985                                                                      Where are you now? = Antioch, California                                                                                 Your Email Address = biggpopper@sbcglobal.net

Questions, Comments and Feedback =

Been in California since 1985, got transferred here by U S Steel after they shut down Duquesne, retired now and enjoying life would like to hear from people who Graduated from Duquesne in 1957 take care and keep up the good work.

Maiden Name = Cathy Cardilla
Married Name =  Gallucci
When did you live in Duquesne? = 1942-1959
Where are you now? = Irwin, Pa
Your Email Address = cgallucci@verizon.net

Questions, Comments and Feedback =

This is a new email address. My old email was hacked and I hade to get a new account. Is there someway you can get this information out there.
Thanks……… Cathy

And from Facebook – we received the following: 

Craig Kocak Aug 24

I also remember a small full service bakery next to sun drug, but can’t remember the name, the name Davis comes to mind. The same owner opened a 2nd location in Duquesne Plaza on the Blvd near Revco. Can anyone remember the name of the pizza shop on the corner of Commonwealth across from Palchak Drug Store, near the Bel-Air Lounge. There also was a Loblaws in the building which later occupied the boat store on Kennywood Blvd. across from the Duke Lounge.

Now don’t forget, let us know what’s going on in your life! Just click the link below:


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3 Responses to Voices from Duquesne – September 1, 2011

  1. Dave Gaydos says:

    Craig….I believe the Pizza Shop was called L&M or R&M Pizza and Confectionary…..Dave

  2. Harold West says:

    @Craig Nill’s or Niels bakery. They had great cream filled lady fingers 8o)

    • cathy sturm says:

      I think it was spelled Niel’s … the main store was in Homestead or Rankin…..they didn’t actually bake in Duquesne but would get a truck in every day with fresh goodies …..my family thought that G&K on top of Kennedy had better ladylocks and G&K had smiley face cookies too

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