Following the Yellow Brick Road

Well Gang, I’m off to see the Emerald City of Duquesne! It is Thursday morning around 9 a.m. and I am itching to get started on my trek back to Duquesne.  The trip will take about 8 hours or so, but I know it will be well worth it! I’m planning to use my regular route via Route 30 after I reach Breezewood.

The trip from Bedford until about Ligonier was always an “adventure” when my dad was driving. For those of you who had the pleasure of taking that route back in “the day,” one of the highlights would be stopping at the “Ship!” Perched on the highest point between Bedford and Duquesne, stood Grand View Point Hotel. Its name said it all. I recall stopping there everytime we would visit my Uncle Mike and Aunt Ann in Maryland. The view was spectacular and it always meant that we would get a “treat” to enjoy during the remainder of the trip. Unfortunately, the building is gone, but the view still remains as one of the most spectacular! I still stop there and photograph the vistas.

More later my friends!

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2 Responses to Following the Yellow Brick Road

  1. Linda L. (Negley) Gibb says:

    Wow you do bring back fond old memories! Our family, always made 1 trip a summer to check on that old “ship”. I think it was on the way to some state park for a picnic. I love your blog & am passing it on to all my family & friends from the area. Thanks a million! Linda Negley Gibb

  2. Sandi (Tovlin) Kaselonis says:

    Thanks for the great picture! I remember my own Uncle Mike and Aunt Ann from Duquesne/West Mifflin taking my parents and me, along with cousins Mike and David, on Sunday rides out there to see what we called “Ship on the Mountain”. So unique.

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