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Holy Name’s Sister Acts

When I started this blog, I thought that I would eventually run out of ideas about what to write. I was convinced that I had a finite supply of stories and once I exhausted them, I’d have to shift to … Continue reading

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Updates – Providing the Lane for the Memories

Just a quick update on this blog. I found some old photos of several familiar places in Duquesne that I thought you’d enjoy. In the header of the blog is Duquesne City Bank, the rounded facade of the building located … Continue reading

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Duquesne’s Dining Delights

I have been a retail manager for over 35 years. From my humble beginnings, I have been privileged to work for many large companies throughout my career thus far. My first “assignment” was folding donut boxes at Bon Bon Bakery. … Continue reading

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One of Duquesne’s Icons – A Cultural Playground

“The loss of valued places diminishes us all, and the most unnecessary losses, the most indefensible, result from ignorance.” English Heritage 2002. I recently had the opportunity to visit my old stomping grounds in Duquesne. I have been fortunate to … Continue reading

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The CORE of the Duquesne Hunky Wedding

My daughter got married just a few short months ago. The event was spectacular and one that I’ll relive in my mind for years to come. Every part of the wedding was so well planned and executed at the hands … Continue reading

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The Hunky Village

This post has nothing to do with Duquesne this time. Well, at least not directly. It has more to do with the spirit of the people of Duquesne and the mindset of the hunkys that lived there. It is my … Continue reading

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