Holy Name Grade School Update!

For those of us who were members of the Holy Name Grade School 8th Grade Graduating Class of 1965, I offer the following update about our Sisters of Saint Joseph educators.

First Grade                                                                                                                                    Sister Incarnata – left the SSJ Congregation

Second Grade                                                                                                                              Sister Martin de Porres – left the SSJ Congegation

Third Grade                                                                                                                                      Sister Emily O’Brien died May 30, 1998

Sixth Grade                                                                                                                                         Sister Clementine Hannigan died November 7, 1971

Seventh Grade                                                                                                                                  Sister Mary Immaculate Cook is now known as Sister Mary Eileen Cook. Sister Mary Eileen is now retired and lives in Supportive Living at the Baden Motherhouse.

Eighth Grade                                                                                                                               Sister Mary Daniel Hogan died January 27, 2005

The information was provided to me by Sister Karen Stoila, CSJ, Director of Development for the Sisters of St. Joseph in Baden, Pennsylvania. Sister Karen has a special place in her heart for Holy Name since she actually lived at the Holy Name convent from 1970-1972 while she was finishing her degree at Carlow College.

According to Sister Karen;                                                                                                                Sister Mary Eileen (formerly Sister Mary Immaculate) is now retired and lives in Supportive Living at the Baden Motherhouse. You can write to her at the address below or call her at 724.869.2151 and ask or dial Ext. 6620.  She does not have an email listed in their directory however.  If you would like to send her a note or a card, the address is c/o The Sisters of St. Joseph, 1020 State St., Baden, PA 15005. Thankfully, she is doing very well and would love to hear from her former students!  Sister Karen invited us to check out their website at www.stjoseph-baden.org as well their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CSJBaden.

By the way, I found a picture that might bring back some fond memories of Sister Mary Daniel. It was taken in 1963 at the 8th Grade Class graduation. She holds a special place in my heart. When I was in the 7th Grade, Matty Esak and I either must of volunteered or really misbehaved, and as a result, ended up in the dark, dank basement under the church attempting to set up a school library. The shelves, which were just cinder blocks and boards, were already in place. Our job was just to begin placing books so they could later be organized by category. It wasn’t a difficult job, just a bit creepy.  While we were sorting, Matty and I decided it was our job to conduct an in-depth review of the back issues of National Geographic that someone had donated. The unfortunate part of this story is that just as we were gapping at the female native attire in a very special issue, Sister Mary Daniel decided to conduct an on-site inspection of our progress. Lucky us! After a verbal spanking, we were “reassigned” to blackboard eraser cleaning. The good news however, is that Sister Mary Daniel understood the curiosity of young boys and never found it necessary to inform our parents. God love her!

In conclusion, to all of you who wondered about the good Sister’s habit and how they were somehow able to hold what would equate to the encyclopedia in their pockets, you may want to watch the following YouTube video. Sister Elizabeth Brown, who sewed hundreds of habits for the congregation, is telling us everything we wanted to know about the habit but never asked! Enjoy.

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6 Responses to Holy Name Grade School Update!

  1. Linda Perhacs says:

    I remember Dr. Petrillo coming in every year to give us cursory physicals. Mrs. Stein was the head cook in the Fatima Hall cafeteria. My grandmother was a volunteer server, while I was there. Anyone remember the convent which stood right beside the old school? When the nuns would come back to the convent in August to get the school ready for the new year, my friends and I would help move books and supplies from one classroom to another. In the evenings, before school started, some of us kids would sit with the nuns in their backyard, and listen to stories they would tell. The convent was a mysterious house, where all those strange ladies lived…young and old. The sisters would even give out treats on Halloween.

    • Lou A. says:

      My mom, Betty Andriko, was a Friday fixture at the cafeteria. Mrs Stein and Peggy Fath, the other cook, and her sister Ann Cusick and Mom would have lunch with Fr Petrie and later with Fr Herrmann every week. I remember having to “suit up” in the winter for the walk over to Fatima Hall when the cafeteria was there (Kitchen’s still there and will be open for Friday Fish Frys during Lent!) and how great it was when they built the NEW school and as a 6th grader, all we had to do was go downstairs!

      The convent’s gone, the old School’s gone, the new school is abandoned and within 2-3 yrs, St Joseph’s will be merged into Christ the Light (Holy Name) parish. Too many funerals and not enough weddings and baptisms!

  2. Steve Kracinovsky says:

    Or Holy Trinity (Hunky Tech) on Third Street? Vincentian Sisters taught there.

  3. Linda Perhacs says:

    Doesn’t anyone have remembrances of St. Joseph School on Auriles St.? The Sisters of Divine Providnce taught there during its heyday.

    • Lou A. says:

      Sure do! Sr. Rose Michelle, Sr. Mary Mark, Sr. Virginia, Sr. Marcelline, et al! And who could forget Joe McKenna. I think I actually went to confession to him on more than one occasion when Fr. Bernarding had something else to do on Saturday afternoon. Remember class sizes so large the half went in the morning and the other half went in the afternoon? 8am Mass every day and lunches in Fatima Hall. Anyone care to add more?

      • Jack schalk says:

        How about the fire drills at St Joe school? Descending those open steel steps were a real trick for 1st to 4th graders but after that it was easy.
        Joe McKenna was someone I forgot about. He would fire the boilers, toll the bells, clean everything in sight, and then go back to add coal to the fires.
        I will admit that Bob Vislay, Bob Svirbul, and myself were the cause of some altar wine shortages when we were altar boys.
        I was never a Fr Bernarding fan especially after having Fr. Fehrenback and Fr. Wiseman.

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