Updates – Providing the Lane for the Memories

Just a quick update on this blog. I found some old photos of several familiar places in Duquesne that I thought you’d enjoy. In the header of the blog is Duquesne City Bank, the rounded facade of the building located at the corner of Second and Grant, and First Street showing Woody’s Drug Store, The Plaza Theater and Krogers that eventually became Karen’s Shoe Store. Also, the bricks in the background you see are a photo of the bricks that line the streets of Duquesne. I took the picture of the bricks in front of the Post Office on First Street. People looked at me like I was crazy. Hmmmm… I wonder!

Enjoy your walk down the bricked Memory Lane

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8 Responses to Updates – Providing the Lane for the Memories

  1. Liz Heaps Shiner says:

    Those very bricks that paved the streets of Duquesne, were a source of fascination to my husband years ago when we visited my brother Ed on our way home from Milwaukee bike week. They amazed him and gave him cause to crawl up Grant Avenue and Kennedy. They have brick streets here in Reading, but nothing like those! When we got home, you’d have thought those roads were paved in gold the way he talked about them. Guess I just took them for granted.

  2. Michael Sobeck says:

    Hello folks; I read a lot of the information in all the pictures and remembered a lot of it, In my home in N. Huntingdon I have all the counters an shelving from Woody’s Drug Store in my basement. If you remember old Froggy and Baker , Froggy was considered the underground Mayor of Duquesne ,He would fire up all the funeraces in all the stores on first street, so that would nice and warm, Tell Stan at Penn Taft I miss him, I am writing this in Fla. keep in touch Mike

  3. Maryann Stavor Smith says:

    Hey everyone,do you remember Woodland Drive-In? My dad took us to see movies like MASH . I graduated in 1968 and I remember practicing in the old library with the band every day. i think we had concerts there. i guess it was torn down right after i graduated. i ran into Mr. Pelar a few years ago and he looked the same. I went to Holy Trinity and Crawford Schools. I have great memories of walking down to the old church to say stations during lent. Crawford had a beautiful staircase. We sang our Christmas carols there next to the giant tree covered with paper ornaments each class contributed. Miss McGown was the principal and she was a strong presence daily.

  4. Lou A. says:

    I’m with Tom, pretty sure it was Woolworth’s and right across the street was a local operation of PAMECO, the PAtent MEdecine COmpany, which manufactured and repacked witch hazel, bay rum, alcohol, epsom salts, boric acid and all the other ‘sundries’ you could only get at a drug store, like Woody’s, Eagle Drugs, Gallagher’s, Butler Bros, and of course Penn-Taft, the last independent still open. I know this all this because I drove deliveries for Eagle while at Serra, and when Bill Gallagher closed last year, he came to work at Penn-Taft, where my 85 year old mother still works.

  5. Eileen Phillips says:

    Thanks, keep them coming. It is great memories. I took piano lessons, at the convent almost across the street.

  6. dave Bonga says:

    I believe it was a G.C. Murphy’s Tom. Anyways, we too would often stop in at Woody’s for a snack/ice cream before going to the movies at the Plaza next door. 25 cents got you a double feature of “The Blob” and “House of Wax” !! 🙂

  7. Tom Lane says:

    Hi, my brother in law bought and ran Woody’s drug for years before finally closing the down town store. Sad to see all that go. What was the 5 & 10 on 1st street? Was it a Woolworths? Great old and new photos.

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