The End of the Line

Well, it appears that I have run the gamut of my memories of growing up in Duquesne, Pennsylvania. The past two years have been so enjoyable, and reminiscing with you has been nothing short of remarkable. From moments in time at Kennywood Park, Holy Name School, and shopping “downtown,” to recalling family celebrations, favorite Hunky foods and places to eat around our hometown, we seemed to have covered it all.

Thank you all for sharing all of your recollections. I sincerely hope that you have been able to reconnect to friends long forgotten and will continue to share experiences. There have been over 125,000 hits on this blog and over 1800 comments from all of you. I have sincerely enjoyed writing for you and recalling those special times of our lives.

The blog ( will continue to remain active, so please feel free to continue to use it as a conduit to your Duquesne friends. If anyone has photos or an article to contribute, please feel free to email me at

Take care my friends, and God bless.

Jim Volk – The Duquesne Hunky

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31 Responses to The End of the Line

  1. Barry Long says:

    Hey Jim! You can’t just up & leave us. We want you to “drop in on us”through The Hunky anytime you have a thought you want to share. Life goes on but now your a Granddad and you will find those little Varmints do all types of things you’ll want to share with your friends here on The Hunky. We enjoy reading of your trips also. SO DROP IN ANYTIME! I”m back on the mainland in Kirkland WA; till late OCT; so drop in if your in this “neck of the woods”.

  2. Bill Larkin says:

    Thank You So Much! You will be missed by all, again Thanks For The Memories

  3. Debra Faust-Clancy says:

    Wow Jim. You did a fantastic job as evidenced by all the comments written and some not written. I know many people enjoyed reading our various memories and our shared experience of Duquesne and Kennywood. Your writing ability is amazing and is truly either a gift from God or those Nuns you wrote about at Holy Name! My memory is not so good and I was constantly mesmerized not only by what you could remember but the DETAILS and the richness of the memories. You definately deserve a break and I just wanna say “Say it ain’t so!” Thank you, thank you, thank you. May God keep you and family blessed. Peace. We all love you.

  4. Cathy Cardilla-Gallucci says:

    You will be so missed by all of us “Duquesners” You brough back so many memories with your blog. I can’t believe that it has been 2 years. I hope that something will jog your memories and you will post at least once in a while. Take care and God bless you and your family. As I said at the start you will be SOOOOOOOOOOO missed.

  5. Sandi Tovlin Kaselonis says:

    I, too, was saddened to hear that I won’t have your posts to look forward to any more. I very much appreciate all of the time you took to take us all down memory lane. Take care now!

  6. Colleen Byrne Travis says:

    Jim, Your blog will be missed by so many people. It was a great idea and brought back so many memories. I hope you come back to us!

  7. Jack Schalk says:

    I hope your decision to discontinuing these posts is not predicated by a health or family problem.
    You have brought back some near and dear memories to this 75 year old, things I would no longer have thought about without your prompting.
    Rest easy and do nice things for yourself. You have done that for all of us!

  8. Joshua Lamb says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your memories. I have learned a lot about the place that my mother and grandmother were so fortunate enough to call home. I too will miss your updates. Best wishes to you and thank you!

  9. cheryl says:

    Wow Jim Will miss reading all the old stories seems like i just started this wow how time flies…… brought old times back into each & everyone of us who read your blog . Enjoyed it… thanks to you & your Family for keeping us alive even if it was just in Memory…….

  10. crbii says:

    Great fun! Thanks, Jim

  11. Thank your Jim, these rememberances of Duquesne brought back great feelings of unity and what a real community means. The connections made by our parents and city fathers are truly unique, they garanteed a true childhood, free of the worries of adulthood. Perhaps that why so many of us have had productive adult lives. Again thank you for all you do.

    James (Ping) Staton

  12. Megan says:

    Don’t stop!!!!

  13. Marianne Volk says:

    Wow…what will I look forward to????? I’m sure that you must have other memories to share…..Homestead……West Mifflin?????? Anyhow, you did a wonderful job with your blog. Looked forward to each new entry! You have a talent for this Jim!

  14. Tracey Prisalac Dunn says:

    I just found you and already i will miss your posts!

  15. Bob Chermonitz says:

    Jim, your blog has been a link to my past. Better yet, a link to my youth. You have managed to bring the Duquesne of yesterday alive once again. And, not only my yesterdays, but those of so many others. On your blog Duquesners who came before my time and those who came later brought an insite into things I never knew or had only heard of. To think how quickly two years can pass only reminds me of how the previous forty-some seperated us from our years at Holy Name, until we met again last winter. It was good to see you then, and although we aged over the years I felt as if only minutes had passed since 1965.
    Somehow I can’t believe you’ve run out of memories or topics of interest to write about. You may need a break but I hope you can still drop us a memory once in awhile. As for me, I want to say thanks again for what you have accomplished here. Yes, accomplished! The nuns would be proud. God Bless you and you’re family, Bob

    • Jim says:

      Thanks Bob, we will definately need to keep in touch. I’m sure some obscure incident or thought will certainly cross my mind about Duquesne and I’ll probably feel compelled to write about it. In the meantime, I think that I’ll work on becoming a professional curmudgeon. Hey, it worked for Andy Rooney!! LOL and keep well my friend.

  16. Harold West says:

    Thanks for your Posts. The Duquesne you remembered helped bridge the gap between my Parent’s Duquesne of the 30-40’s and my experience in the Duquesne of the 60-80’s. Good luck with your next writing project.

  17. Vickie Brady says:

    Thank you Jim but I am hoping that you will find other things to write about I really enjoy reliving the memories of Duquesne through your post

  18. Faye says:

    I’ll miss your posts. I shared them with family and friends who weren’t signed up to get them. I will especially miss anything that had to do with Holy Name. I was baptized there and am still a member. You will be missed.

  19. Kathleen Howard Foley says:

    Jim, I will miss getting your posts. They have brought me and my family so much enjoyment and helped us to regain precious memories that had been forgotten. I wish you and your family great happiness. Thanks for sharing your memories.
    Kathy Howard, Holy Name Grad – 1967, Duquesne High Grad – 1971

  20. Paula Goldman Smith says:

    Wow – two years!!!! You did a fantastic job with each and every entry Jim, I enjoyed reading each one and many times laughed right ot loud or blinked back tears. Stay safe and many hugs to you and your beautiful family.

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