I Need Your Opinion!!

I keep on changing my mind about what represents Duquesne better than any other symbol. I’d love to get your opinion. Please take a minute or two and give me your opinion. In case I forgot something, there’s a spot for you to enter your thoughts and to make comments at the end of the poll.

SO……. which is it?

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3 Responses to I Need Your Opinion!!

  1. Bob Chermonitz says:

    Well, Jim, great choices. And each represents so much to all of us. When I think of the people of Duquesne I’m reminded of all those who settled there for the purpose of a better life for them and, most of all, for their children. My great-grandfather came late in the 1890’s and, after getting a job with Carnegie Steel, sent for his wife and child, so that they could share in this hope, too. All who toiled in the mills and factories up and down the valley did so for their family’s betterment. And so did the people who worked hard in the supporting shops that grew up around those mills. The city grew up because of the mills, and then died of the lack of them. As I see it, the ONE thing that the city and it’s people built together still stands. And that is the Duquesne High School building. It alone is all we have left to remind us of those who gave up so much to offer their children (us) hope for then and in the future. All of us here today are the finished product of the city school system in one way or another. I want to believe that our forefathers knew that industries rise and fall and then rise again. All things change, and a hunky knows that best of all. They contributed to the future of every child in the city and its surrounds. No matter what school you went to, city, Catholic, or even the “new” West Mifflin schools, they all were the products of “hunkies” and their desire for a bright future for the children. The men who marched off to war in WWI @ WWII, Korea and Vietnam would recognize one thing in common, that building. Long removed hunkys would know it, too. Jim, my vote is for the school building, the very “heart” of Duquesne. And it still Stands! “Hail Duquesne High”.

  2. hobey8 says:

    I don’t know why everyone is picking the mill…The steel mills were up and down the rivers,and could be a symbol for any of the towns in the area…My vote is for the bank clock….

  3. Michael Bashista says:

    In my opinion Jim I think it is between the steel mills & Carnegie Library. I give the nod to the library as there were many mills up and down the river so just seeing a mill picture identifies with many of the towns and cities. The library was “unique” and few cities had one like ours which was large and very multifunctional. Kennywood Park is good but like it or not it is not in Duquesne but nearby. Yes we all spent a lot of our youth there – at the pool, the rides or just socializing but it wasn’t “just ours”. DHS was ours but I lost a lot of my grade school/Junior High classmates when West Mifflin North opened. But the library was always there through the years until they finally tore it down. So it was a part of history for many of us that future generations will never know except to read about in books or on sites like yours. You try to preserve and remember those things and places that were a close part of many of us on your site. So there is my 2 cents worth. Thanks Jim

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